MONROVIA – The fiancée of a staff of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Sayon Moore, who has gone missing for close to a month now, Ms. Joanna Teta Reeves, has told Women Voices newspaper that the hope of solving the puzzle surrounding the disappearance of her fiancé of over nine years, now hinges on the Liberia National Police (LNP).

Ms. Reeves, in a telephone interview over the weekend, disclosed that the missing man’s family members along with her have exhausted all within their power to no avail, with Moore’s whereabouts still being unknown.

“His numbers are still off, and he still has not come back home,” Joanna said sorrowfully.

She stated that Moore’s family, through a court process, have secured her fiancé’s call logs from both Orange and LoneStar, the two major Cellular service providers in the country, indicating that the call logs were turned over to the LNP to aid with its ongoing investigation into Moore’s sudden disappearance, for weeks now.

She is of the belief that with the call logs, the police would make significant headway aimed at unraveling the disappearance of the father of her 2-year-old son.

She intimated that the LNP has informed members of the family of the missing man that they would be briefed by the police on today Monday, 30 August, regarding the status of the LNP’s probe so far.

It can be recalled, in early August, Moore’s family members announced that he had gone missing, indicating that since the LRA’s employee assigned at the entity’s Real Estate Division as Enforcement Officer left his ELWA Community residence on 3 August 2021, his whereabouts remain unknown and his cellphone numbers for both LoneStar and Orange cellular service providers were switched off, making it difficult, if not impossible for him to be contacted.

Family spokesman Sam Horace at the time told Women Voices newspaper that Moore, prior to leaving his home before being declared missing, told his fiancée, he was taking an important office-related document to an unnamed individual, in the Du-Port Road Community, Paynesville City.

The disappearance of Moore, an employee of the LRA, follows the disappearance and subsequent deaths of two former staff of the entity in 2020.

After going missing for days, the lifeless bodies ofAlbert Peters, who at the time worked as an Assistant Commissioner for Internal Audit of LRA and Mrs. Gifty Lamah, an erstwhile manager in LRA’s Tax Payer Services Division (TPSD), were discovered in a vehicle on Broad Street, on Friday, 2 October 2020.

The missing man’s fiancée, Joanna, told Women Voices, few days after Moore went missing that throughout the many years of their relationship, he never slept out of his home.

“He does not sleep out,” Joanna tearfully told Women Voices newspaper, adding that she’s confused that her fiancé has been gone for days now with his whereabouts unknown.

With tears uncontrollably streaming down her cheeks at the time, Joanna narrated that on 3 August, Moore left their ELWA Community residence by 5pm, informing her that he was taking an office-related document at Du-Port Road, to someone, whose identity he did not reveal to her.

She indicated that as they both do when either of the pair is out, she decided to check on him around 6pm by severally placing calls via her cellphone to his, but stated that strangely, Moore did not pick any of her calls.

Joanna added that as she waited for Moore’s return to no avail, she continued calling his cellphone on an hourly basis, up to 9pm, with still no response, and then while bursting up in intense weeping, the long-time lover of the missing man, stated that at 10pm, her fiancé’s phone was switched off.

“I called him – I called, I called, up to 12 midnight, I did not sleep, and his phone was still switched off,” a rather worried Joanna told Women Voices newspaper at her residence, indicating that at that point, she was terrified and confused, so she began phoning Moore’s friends and family members, including his mother; informing them about what was obtaining.

Asked whether she suspects any foul play related to Moore’s job, and the history of staff disappearances at his place of work, the LRA, Joanna said, “I don’t know,” stating that she was not curious to have asked her fiancé about the details of the documents or to whom said documents were being taken, because according to her, “it’s an everyday thing, the work Sayon does, they deal with so many people – so I didn’t ask.”

She said her fiancé is an honest man, who would neither cheat anyone nor engage in clandestine deeds, noting that she could not fathom any reason why anyone would want to harm him for work-related reasons.

“I don’t know – I am just praying for him to come back,” Joanna said with tears pouring out of her eyes like rain.

About a week after Moore’s disappearance, the LNP announced that it had launched an investigation into reports of the disappearance of the LRA staff.

A statement released by the LNP indicated that Moore’s boss, LRA’s Commissioner General, Thomas Doe Nah, on Saturday, 7 August, five days after the disappearance of the Enforcement Officer at the LRA, officially notified the police that one of his staff was reportedly missing for days and has neither returned to work nor his home.

Meanwhile, in a telephone interview over the weekend, police spokesman Moses Carter told Women Voices newspaper that the LNP has not spoken about circumstances surrounding Moore’s disappearance because police probe into the matter is still inconclusive.

Asked why with the call logs of the missing man in the possession of the LNP, it has taken weeks without the police announcing any significant progress, Carter said, investigation of such nature takes time, inferring that the police would need more time to unravel Moore’s disappearance puzzle.

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