-Cummings expresses frustration over Liberia 176th independence celebration.

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson I 

Presidential hopeful Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, has expressed disdained and frustration over Liberia 176th Independence Day celebration, says Liberia is bleeding and too old and experienced to be where it is today. 

Addressing a major press conference Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at the Opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) headquarter in Sinkor under the caption Independence Day address, Mr. Cummings argued that the country is bleeding and Liberian are suffering. 

“Our country is bleeding. Liberians are suffering. This is why, it is not enough that we only change parties in October. We must elect the right leadership to inspire a change in mindset, if we are serious to lift Liberians from poverty.  We must make Liberia a better place for all Liberians. With faith in God and the support of you, the Liberian people, we will fix our country. We will change Liberia” Mr. Cummings told Liberian. 

The CPP standard bearer further indicated as saying “Liberia is 176 years old. Our country is too old and experienced to be where we are today. We are 118 years older than Singapore, 101 years older than the State of Israel, and 110 years older than the Republic of Ghana. Our country inspired these  countries and assisted others to become independent. Yet, as we celebrate our age, we are ranked amongst the poorest and most corrupt nations on earth.

According to him, the country is down but Liberian can lift Liberia up again based on the decision they will make in October 10 at the polls. 

He assured Liberian that Liberia will rise again, adding that the nation is fractured but we can be healed, reconciled and united. 

The opposition politician noted that Liberian can find themselves again not as tribesmen and women, but as equal citizens because we have fallen behind other nations, but Liberia can run faster to not only catch up but surpass them.

“Although we are blessed with so much natural wealth, yet, we are poor. Too many of our people live in unacceptable conditions of poverty, and are continuing to die from preventable and treatable illnesses. Liberia is blessed with fertile soil and good weather; yet, we cannot feed ourselves” he stated. 

Mr. Cummings disclosed that the educational system is a shameful mess,  the health system is a disgrace and the justice system is a joke, adding that Liberian cannot even trust the government to fairly investigate and impartially interpret the laws. 

“Under President George M. Weah, our country has become increasingly lawless. Lawlessness is a serious threat to democracy, and a risk to any nation’s stability and security. Our peace is shaky. Too many Liberians are living in fear; too many are jobless, and too many are without employable skills. Things are bad and getting worse” Mr. Cummings asserted. 

He argued that homes are breaking down, families are falling apart, children are forced to become breadwinners as drugs and crimes take over our streets and communities under the leadership of President Weah.

Mr. Cummings alleged that Women and girls continue to struggle for protection from crimes such as rape, and inclusion in national decision-making. Our nation is struggling with political insecurity and economic fragility. We are in serious trouble, my people.

“International financial institutions are keeping us on economic life-support. All across the country, and in every political party, Liberians are suffering. Serious international investors are not finding our country to be a suitable destination for investments under President Weah. The government is corrupt, wasteful, divisive, irresponsible, and cannot be trusted to obey its own laws. Even worse, the Weah administration does not know what it is doing, and cannot inspire a reset of the nation’s compass so we find our way to a bright and united future. Under President Weah, our country is adrift. We have lost our way” he concluded.

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