• Liberian Women plead for Ms. Edwina Collins
Flash back photo of women at fourteen days of fast and prayer

By Dearest K. Sammie

The Liberian Women’s Mass Action for Peace has called on the Senate to reconsider Ms. Edwina Collins for the position of deputy commissioner for ship registry, and has asked the Senate to give her a chance to show herself on the job.

The Liberian Women Mass Action for Peace is a collection of well-known and powerful Liberian women from various backgrounds. They recently fasted and prayed for 14 days and presented petitions describing how horrible things are to the administration, opposition leaders, international partners, and other influential people in the country.

In a six-point petition, Liberian women urged the Liberian Senate to reconsider its decision to confirm Ms. Edwina Collins. The women claimed that the Senate’s denial of the lady’s nomination would wreck her dreams and undermine the much-touted 40 percent female political involvement and UN Resolution 1325.

The Liberian Senate recently rejected Edwina K. Collins’ candidacy as Deputy Commissioner designate of the Liberia Maritime Authority for International Ship Registration because to a lack of qualifications, according to the Women.

In a petition, the women encouraged the Senate to take a hard look at the role of the office, citing Ms. Collins’ high academic credentials, readiness, and capacity to do the job.

However, we respectfully request that the Honorable Senate examine the functions of the office, which we feel she is fully qualified and capable of performing, based on her high academic qualifications “According to the petition,

According to the women’s petition, the Deputy Commissioner for International Ship Registration’s principal responsibility is to sign off on various registrations and certificates.

“As long as the position exists and is affiliated to the Liberian Consulate in New York, its fundamental responsibility is to oversee vessel registration and undertake all related state functions for and on behalf of the Liberian government,” the women explained.

All certifications and registration documents for vessels are received and signed off on by the Deputy Commissioner, who also ensures that mortgage forms are completed in line with Liberian laws and relevant international laws and treaties.

“Given the above-mentioned role, we believe Madam Edwina Collins is the ideal candidate for the job and request that she be kindly re-considered.” Furthermore, the following are some of the reasons why we feel Madam Collins should be confirmed by the Senate so that she can begin working as soon as possible, as H.E. President George Weah intended when he nominated her for the position: “the conflict

They claimed that Madam Edwina Collins had the necessary qualifications because she had attended college in the first place. They also stated that her ascension to power will inspire other young, ambitious women to strive hard for a decent education since they believed it was the most effective way to succeed.

Second, they stated that Madam Collins is well-prepared and has the necessary morals to do successfully in her position. If she were to be denied in such a humiliating manner, it would put an end to her goals as well as cause trauma and other health issues for her and other young ladies who want to attend college.

Giving Ms. Collins the chance, the women in their organization concluded, would inspire other women and make it easier for them to participate in major national projects and issues, even if they were ashamed. This will support UN Resolution 1325, which calls for 40 percent of women to participate in politics.

They noted in the fourth count that confirming her will go a long way toward dispelling the belief that people are assigned positions/jobs based on their interests rather than their qualifications.

Collins was described as clever, sophisticated, eloquent, responsible, courteous, and of impeccable character in the fifth count.

In their sixth count, the Liberian Women for Mass Action stated that her educational background demonstrates that she is the right person and a Liberian woman who will serve as a role model for young women to follow her good examples and build the image of young people from an early age through this generational change for a better Liberia.

The petitioners concluded by requesting that the Honorable Senate allow Ms. Edwina K. Collins the opportunity to demonstrate her abilities as a gender advocate and a pacesetter capable of propelling other young people forward academically.

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