– The late Blessing’s Father protests 

The father of Blessing Moulton, the 13-year-old girl who police said died of overwhelming sepsis as a consequence of a ruptured appendix, has slammed the Liberia National Police report that indicated his daughter died of overwhelming sepsis. He stated that he does not believe the police account, which is based on JKF’s medical report. He claimed that JFK did not conduct a rape examination, but that Hope for Women International Hospital, which determined that his daughter had been sexually assaulted, conducted one. He claimed that the police made a mistake by basing their findings solely on JFK’s medical report and ignoring the information from the Hope for Women Hospital. 

According to a police announcement, the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital provided a medical report on the cause of death of the 15-year-old deceased victim, who is accused of being raped on Camp Johnson Road in Monrovia on January 11, 2022.

“The medical report and death certificate, as released by the hospital, confirmed that the 15-year-old, Blessing Moulton, died from overwhelming sepsis as a result of a ruptured appendix, a natural cause of death unrelated to rape. The report further confirmed that the deceased victim might have suffered pain and agony for at least ten (10) days following the rupture of the appendix. As a result, two (2) liters of pus were removed from her abdominal cavity”, the confirmation said. 

According to the press release, investigators are still looking into the rape claim as well as the circumstances surrounding Blessing Moulton’s death to see if the kid was neglected or received delayed medical care. “LNP investigators are continuing their investigation into charges of rape in order to ensure that justice is served,” the police officials said, urging calm and moderation.

The release said the police conducted a meeting with the family, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, and some civil society actors, including the Association of Female Lawyers, which was held on Monday, January 31, 2022, at the headquarters of the Liberia National Police in order to brief them on the current status of the investigation.  However, a Womenvoices independent investigation has established that the medical report from Hope for Women International Hospital did confirm that little Blessing was severely sexually assaulted a week before the medical examination

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