-Senate Pro Tempore Nyonblee K. Lawrence vows

By Vaye A.Lepolu

The newly elected president pro-tem of the Liberian senate said the recuse team remains on its commitment to recusing Liberian Citizens.  

According to President pro-tem Nyonblee K. Lawrence, the rescue team will do everything possible to deliver in the interest of the Liberian Citizens.

“We have a team that will do everything possible to deliver.”

She said those from the recuse team are separated in every branch of government, and she will use her presidential pro-tem position to hold the executive branch of government accountable, because of the expectations of the citizens across the country.

“Today I am a president pro-tem, I will hold the executive accountable.”

However, President Pro- tem Lawrence said she is aware of what Liberians want to see and they are always putting pressure on the recuse team to make a difference.

” I know what you people want to see and you are always putting pressure on us to make a difference.”

Speaking at the Boakai Tack –  Team dinner night certification programs, Senator Nyonblee appreciated the Boakai Tack – team for the motivation being placed in the Recuse Team leadership and being certificated as a good leader and also said that based on the motivations, other leaders will follow.

“Thank you for the motivation given to us to be certificated as good leaders, so that the President, representatives, and senators will follow.”

Meanwhile, Senator Lawrence stated that, when Liberian citizens experience, a good Health care system, Good Doctors, Road connectivity, job opportunities, and a stable Economy, citizens will not care about what happens to them personally.

“When citizens started to see changes in good health care system, good doctors, roads connectivity, job opportunities, and good economy,  citizens will not happen to them personally.”

The Liberian president pre- tem Nyonblee K. Lawrence claimed Liberians in America, Europe, Asia and others of the world want to come to carry on investment, but they said, they want a peaceful Liberia, good image, and respect, that is a reason citizens are hopeful. 

According to her, the recuse team will not disappoint Liberian citizens, she encourages the recuse team government to reach out to everyone, there is no discrimination based on political parties and religious background and she said we are all Liberians.

“we will not disappoint you, let us reach out to everyone, and no discrimination based on which political party and religion background you are from, we are all Liberians.”

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