– As disenchanted Boakai’s supporters endorse him

A group under the banner “Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans for President Weah Re-election” has petitioned and endorsed the candidacy of President George Weah ahead of the October 2023 general and presidential elections.

Speaking to reporters over the weekend, the group attributed their decision to the following reasons that prompted them to congregate to petition H.E. Dr. George Mannah Weah for reelection:

Namely, they highlighted the tuition-free policy of all public universities and colleges across the country, which has eased the financial burden on students who are attending public institutions in Liberia, and the digitalization of the University of Liberia, which has made transactions very easy for students.

“Some of us who graduated from the University of Liberia are witnesses. Before President Weah assumed state power, there were a lot of barriers that prevented students from graduating soon. One of those key ones was the registration process, a student could have his/her house by 5:00 AM, with the mindset of being the first in the line, unfortunately, he/she might be at spot 256th in the line, but today with the innovativeness of President Weah, you can be right in your bedroom and plan your courses and pay your fees through the digital platform. Fellow citizens, isn’t that a practical approach to solving an age-old problem? “I say yes, it is,” they disclosed.

Additionally, they mentioned the WASSCE fees payment for all 12th graders in Liberia and the reimbursement of graduation fees at many private universities across the country, which are being done by President Weah.

Among others are the construction of feeder and major roads across the country, and the construction of hospitals and other public buildings in the country.

Moreover, they called for the construction of parks and youth-friendly centers, which they said would attract youth from going to unproductive areas, keep them in a safe environment, and transform them into productive adults.

They further pointed out the promotion and protection of human rights and the maintenance of civil liabilities; the president’s ability to listen to the plights of his people and act accordingly; and the kindness, generosity, and gratitude he always shows to his fellowmen.

“In view of the above, the Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans for President Weah Re-election is calling on all well-thinking Liberians to support President Weah by reelecting him in 2023, and we will also work earnestly to ensure that he is given a one-round victory in order to maintain the pathway to the rapid development that our country is currently experiencing under the able leadership of H.E. Dr. George Mannah Weah,” they said.

They further articulated, “We, the members and officials of the Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans for President Weah Re-election, have officially gathered here today to firstly suspend our membership and support from the Unity Party, a.k.a. Squanderers Kingdom, and to extend our sincere apology to H.E. Dr. George Mannah Weah and the CDC for fighting and wrongly judging them over the past years,” they disclosed.

The group narrated that they were some of the reasons for which the victory of President Weah was prolonged during the 2017 election.

“We took the votes that were due to a true and patriotic son of the soil and wasted them on a squanderer, which caused the election to go to a second round instead of President Weah winning the 2017 election on a first-round basis.” “Hon,” they said.

Members of the group also said that the suspension of their membership and support from the Unity Party was because they are tired of being in what they termed the “Squanderers Kingdom,” where they said their resources and many opportunities have been squandered by the Squander in Chief and other Baby Squanderers, and a place where people take what belongs to babies and give it to dogs.

That they are tired of being in an environment that is full of the class system, where the voices of the commoners are always unheard because they are not connected to people of a certain class.

That they are disenchanted to be in a party that the political leader has a high level of ingratitude and insincerity. 

“How can you have worked for over forty years, including 12 years as Vice President, earned millions of dollars from taxpayer money, and after squandering a lot of opportunities that should have benefited ordinary people, you still came back to tell the same people whose opportunities you have squandered that you are living on loan?” they asked.

They believe said act is not just being insincere to men or to the state, which the former Vice President served for over forty years, but it is also ungratefulness to God, our provider.

“We will not support the Unity Party because officials of the party do not care about the wellbeing of their partisans, they will never show concern to you when you are sick, but they will support militants to carry on violence and insult government officials, the militants are taken to the court, that the time they will drive in convoy to free the militants on bail, but God forbid, when you are even on your dying bad, they wouldn’t call you or reach out to you, I am a living witness to that,” they mentioned.

The group further posited that they are tired of being in a party that is marked by a high level of deception, questioning “what they could not have done in 12 years but want someone to do it in 6 years.” How possible is that? Where were you when Madam Sirlieff your former standard-bearer and the recent past President of the Republic of Liberia said that after her term in office the next government will suffer to recover the country?”

Moreover, they hailed comments made by 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Leymah Gborwee, stressing that she knows the collective danger that the UP caused this country and for the country to recover from said danger, it is only possible by an expert president, like H. E. Dr. George Mannah Weah who is currently during just that. 

“Fellow compatriots, Hon. Emmanuel Molubah Johnson, National Youth Chairman, Members of the Fourth Estate, it is often said that when a man is getting drowned in a river, he turns to hold on to anything for survival, but the case of the Disenchanted Unity Party partisans for President Weah’s re-election is different; we are not just holding on to anything, but we are doing so with the strongest conviction that what we are holding on to has the solutions to situations that we come across in our daily lives,” they noted

The disenchanted Unity Party partisans for President Weah’s reelection said they had ample opportunities over the past months to analyze and critique the aims and objectives of the various competitors in the upcoming elections.

They believe that the honesty, humanity, generosity, hard work, patriotism, service to country and practical approach in finding solutions to problems sets President Weah apart from other presidential aspirants.

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