As President Joseph Boakai continues with his appointment, self-recommendations are being made while others are being proffered on behalf of those who can be trusted to serve Liberians well. From the angle of the unique City of Paynesville, many names are yet to surface but as it stands, the residents appear resolved on who they believe is best suited to address the different environmental issues the City is confronted with, as well as its beautification and orderliness. 

Citizens of Paynesvile, in their dozens, bare clothed with the belief that  Ms. Cyvette M. Gibson, the former Mayor of Paynesville City, has proven herself to be a visionary leader, dedicated to the betterment of the city and its residents.

In separate interactions, they referenced that during her tenure as Mayor, Ms. Gibson demonstrated an unwavering commitment to addressing the pressing issues of waste management, sanitation, and education. According to them, her tireless efforts in these areas have yielded remarkable results, making her the ideal choice to continue the city’s progress.

“One of Ms. Gibson’s major accomplishments was her innovative approach to waste management. She implemented comprehensive waste disposal systems, ensuring that the city remained clean and free from environmental hazards, unlike what we see today.”

Through her initiatives, they say that Paynesville City witnessed a significant reduction in waste accumulation, leading to a healthier and more sustainable environment for all residents.

The City was engulfed in waste; the city debts were astounding, waste removal vehicles were nonexistent, departments lacked capacity, the city police needed complete revamping, the City Hall required renovation, systems did not exist, and the residents required services.  Her works show that she performed tremendously well and deserves another chance.

In April 2014, she called for greater attention to waste issues from the Liberia Marketing Association. With limited funding, she was able to enlist the support of many residents of the city (including drug addicts and the homeless) to clean up Red Light.[4] While she focused significant attention on health during the West African Ebola virus epidemic, she turned again to waste issues afterward with a significant grant from the World Bank.

Gibson organized efforts throughout the city to deal with the Ebola outbreak in the country. She used community leaders throughout the city to educate and identify potential Ebola victims.[4] These efforts were assisted by UNICEF

At the height of the outbreak, she was one of seven officials who were excluded from a blanket dismissal of officials by President Johnson-Sirleaf.[8]Since the outbreak, she has continued the focus on waste, sanitation, and education in the city. In addition, major efforts have been undertaken on the development of the Dupont Road area of the city. A 2016 editorial in FrontPage Africa singled her efforts out as “transforming a once failed city.”

Moreover, the hundreds of Liberians who are yielding for her return, believe Ms. Gibson recognized the importance of proper sanitation facilities for the well-being of the community. “She spearheaded the construction of public toilets and promoted hygiene awareness campaigns, resulting in improved public health outcomes. Her dedication to ensuring a hygienic environment for all citizens has earned her widespread praise and admiration.”

In addition to her focus on waste and sanitation, records show that Ms. Gibson prioritized education as a means to empower the youth of Paynesville City. She initiated various educational programs, to equip young minds with the skills needed for a brighter future.

Ms. Gibson’s track record of success, coupled with her innovative and forward-thinking approach, appears to make her the perfect choice for President Joseph Boakai’s appointment as the next Mayor of Paynesville City. 

Her records have acknowledged that her passion for service, coupled with her ability to bring about tangible change, sets her apart as a leader who truly understands the needs of the city and its people.

As Paynesville City looks towards a promising future, pundits say it is clear that Ms. Cyvette M. Gibson is the best person to guide the city toward continued progress. “Her proven dedication to waste management, sanitation, and education, combined with her visionary leadership, make her the ideal candidate to lead Paynesville City into a new era of prosperity and development.”

The city of Paynesville in its efforts towards a clean and developed city during her days, joined the 100 Resilient Cities network. Paynesville under the leadership of Mayor Gibson also established a sister city relationship with the City of Paynesville, Minnesota (USA) and the City of Bagcilar, Istanbul (Turkey).

Operation Stop Ebola was a community-based awareness campaign in collaboration with UNICEF to fight the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). The campaign utilized over four hundred (400) community leaders to collect EVD data and promote sensitization awareness about EVD and how to stop it. The campaigns also provided hygiene materials and implemented permanent hand-washing stations in communities.

The PCC held its first annual Science Fair on November 24, 2016, challenging students to expand their interest in innovative discoveries in the sciences.

Ms. Cyvette M. Gibson was the tenth Mayor of Paynesville, Liberia. She was appointed as acting Mayor on November 14, 2012; the youngest mayor in the country. Her administration faced an Ebola epidemic, persistent waste management issues, and human rights concerns. 

Cyvette Gibson who served as the Mayor of the Paynesville City from November 7, 2012, to February 2018.  Ms. Gibson was not only the youngest Mayor in the history of Liberia but she was responsible for Paynesville which is geographically the largest City with the largest population in the Republic of Liberia.  

78% of the population in the City of Paynesville were young people between the ages of 1-35 years old.   Following her three and a half years of service at the Monrovia City Corporation in the capacity of Chief of Staff to the then Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Madam Mary T. Broh, Madam Cyvette Gibson ascended into her office as Mayor with a meager amount of $29.00USD in the coffers and a budgetary subsidy from National Government of $150,000.00USD.  

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