…… Internal sources revealed that little Philomena battled spiritual problems prior to her death

Photo of little Philomena hanging in her room

By: Leila B. Gbati

Several internal sources, including prophet Ernest Allen, the head of the Destiny Outreach Ministry, and the spiritual father to Ms. Philomena, the aunt of a minor who recently committed suicide in Nyanfor Community, Gardnersville, District #11, Montserrado County, have attributed the cause of the minor’s action to a spiritual problem.

Prophet Ernest Allen confirmed to this paper over the weekend that little Philomena had been undergoing deliverance on some spiritual issues, and they have been praying for her, especially after her aunty told them that little Philomena was often caught talking unusual things while sleeping.

“She told us that a voice will speak to her and tell her to do things so, we have been praying for her and she was doing better but this news that she hung herself was shocking,” he said.

Prophet Allen further disclosed that there were issues that were affecting the little girl from the inside that he couldn’t mention, but added that there must have been an inner act from the inside that nobody knew about.

He assumed that she was never afforded the chance to talk about other things she was affected by.

“In Africa, we don’t give our children the right to speak out their minds and feeling so, I can’t just determine. Everybody loves little Philomena so much and we pray that the police do their job professionally so that we can find the clue of this situation”.

It was a sorrowful scene early Friday, April 7, 2023, in Nyanfor Community, Gardnersville, District #11, Montserrado County, when several residents and passersby gathered in dismay, at the home of Ms. Philomena, to sympathize with her on the death of her little niece.

According to information gathered by our reporter, little Philomena is believed to be between the ages of 12-13 years old and was living with her aunty when she committed suicide.

Our reporter was unable to speak to the aunty and father of the decease due to the state of agony and distress they were in, but gathered from Prophet Allen, who said he received a call from Philomena early Friday morning crying and saying that ‘little Philomena has done this to me’.

According to him, he was shocked and he immediately rushed to the house to know what was going on.

“To be precise, I have never seen little Philomena with a mark on her skin before and I remembered it was last December we were having a children’s program at my church and I needed little Philomena to come over to do some Bible verses and her aunty couldn’t allow her to come because she didn’t want her daughter to go alone so, the aunty has been someone that is very protective to her niece when it comes to caring,” Prophet Allen said.

For his part, Raphael A. Wilson inspector from the Liberia National Police (LNP) said that the police will conduct the investigation concerning the substances that led to the death of the deceased and that is what they can say for now because the medical doctor will have to see the body and medically say what led to her death.

Raphael said the police can’t tell the cause of the death but they suspect that the deceased may have hung herself.

He noted that after the investigation the Press and Public Affairs of the LNP will disclose to the public the cause of the death of little Philomena.

However, some community dwellers who went to sympathize with the deceased family said that they heard the aunt of the deceased yelling and crying early Friday morning and when they got there she told them that she got up and didn’t see the little girl and she went to check on her only to find out that her door was locked from inside.

Some of the community dwellers admitted that indeed the girl’s door was locked and they assisted her aunt to burst the door when they entered the room only to find the girl hanging and already dead.

Some Community dwellers and passersby term the death of the little girl as mysterious and shocking because according to them they saw the little girl on Thursday morning going to school and she was not looking like somebody who is sick.

Information also gathered that the police inspector also took the aunty and father of the deceased to LNP Headquarters for questioning on the same day of the incident.

Our reporter also established that little Philomena and her aunt were the only two people living in the house before the incident.

Was also made known by our reporter stated that Journalists were even prevented from entering the room to see the body of little Philomena and when the Forensic team of the LNP arrived and checked the dead body they also refused to speak to journalists who were on the scene.

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