Survival of Ritualistic Death

A man age 48, who claims he was kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination, has narrated how he narrowly escaped ritualistic death.

Mr. Solomon Partisan, a resident of Monrovia explained to journalists how he narrowly escaped death from the hands of men believed to be hired ritualistic killers.

Mr. Partisan explaining his ordeal said: “Ok I want to say thank you for having me in your studio this morning. My name is Solomon Partisan. I am from the Church of Dominion, Clara Town Branch.”

Solomon, who said on last Tuesday, he came from Communion Service that ended 6:45pm, explained to local journalists that he was kidnapped in a tricycle (locally known as kehkeh) on his way home. Tricycles and motorbikes are major means of public transport in Liberia. 

“I took a motorbike on my way home to Caldwell where I live presently. The motorbike I took from Clara Town put me down at Jamaica Road, near slaughterhouse,” Solomon said.

Mr. Partisan said after several attempts to stop a kehkeh, one finally stopped for him, adding, “I noticed that there was no seat but the driver of the kehkeh and passengers aboard convinced me to sit by them. There were two girls with low haircuts with one man at the back. The girls appeared to be in their 17 years of age. They gave me two different prices: $50 and 70 LD. I told them I could pay 50LD to Duala Market.”

He added that the kehkeh driver decided to take Logan Town back-road on grounds that the main road was experiencing huge traffic, a decision he thought was in his interest, saying, “While on our way, the kehkeh was on speed, the driver was speeding too much, when I tried advising him to slow down because every one’s life was involved, and explaining to them that I was 48-year-old man with many family responsibilities, a girl from the back said, ‘papay your mouth sharp eh’! I was shocked, and the man at the back said, ‘hey my man shot up! Do you know where you are’! I said yes, I was in Kehkeh on my way home, immediately they changed the kehkeh’s direction.

Partisan said, it was when he knew something was not right and so he decided to jump the kehkeh driver in a fight for control of the steering bar of the moving kehkeh.

He said at that point, a lady from the back joined the kehkeh driver to control the steering while the driver was pressing the accelerator, indicating that while in a tussle with the kehkeh driver, someone from the back injected him twice on his shoulder to subdue him.

“When I was still overpowering the kehkeh man, “someone said silent treatment,” it was when they brought a handkerchief and flopped it to my noise, then I went unconscious and became powerless,” he further narrated.

Partisan said though unconscious, he could hear people discussing; “Boss, our balance money, and another responded and said “I brought Twelve (12) thousand, y’all take the $12,000USD, I will give the balance three thousand ($3,000USD) when you accomplished the mission.”

According to him they agreed to the term suggested by the one being referred to as “Boss”, while also informing him that they had other people that they were bringing.

“Within that time, they put me in the trunk of a car where I saw a boy seated with his mouth and hands tied,” Partisan claimed.

He stated that he saw additional three girls who were tied at the back of a vehicle when they were been driven away – “I could only see myself moving to an unknown destination, he added.

He said they were taken to an unknown destination deep inside a forest, where people, especially girls’ children are butchered and private parts extracted for apparent ritual purpose, indicating that although he was helpless, he managed to place a call to his wife, informing her of his ordeal.

At that juncture, Partisan intoned that he turned to God in prayers, seeking the face of his Bishop’s God (Bishop Paye) of Dominion Church.

“I said to myself God, the God of Bishop Paye, where are you, do not allow me to experience this kind of painful death, if you want me to die, please carry me to my Church, let my people see me when I die. I did not come from nightclub; I did not come from ghetto. I came from worshiping you from the Church. God when you save my life, I will serve you all the days of my life,” Partisan said he pleaded with God for mercy.

He said whenever there was an attempt to take him to the slaughter board, someone pleaded that he (Partisan) was still under influence of the drug, and as such, he was not fit for sacrifice.

Partisan illustrated that he managed to escape when the rest of the killers left to merry make in a nearby town, and the man who was taking care of him took a few steps away to smoke grass (marijuana).

He said in a jungle where he did not know his whereabouts, he met an old man, who administered mystery leaves and water that could keep him for three days without any food.

He said the old man informed him that his brother-in-law in the village where Partisan escaped from was involved with ritualistic killing, informing the escapee he left the village due to his brother-in-law failure to listen to him. 

Partisan said it took him three days and three nights before reaching home.

In a post trending on social media, Partisan can be seen displaying photos of a building where he alleges that people are slaughtered on a daily basis.

Partisan is the second person in recent time to have narrated ordeal of escaping similar life threatening situation.

Recently, an unidentified lady was heard on tape explaining how she narrowly escaped death in the Coco Cola Community, where she claimed she was taken on motorbike after being rendered unconscious by her attackers through a handkerchief she said was placed to her noise.

These revelations are coming amidst stinging allegation against the country’s Solicitor General, Councilor Sayma Syrenius Cephus, who stands accused of being a ringleader of ritual killers.

The former Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA), Ellen Korckrum, recently accused Cllr. Cephus of advising her to sacrifice four virgins if she must win a court case against her in the United States, also alleging that government chief prosecutor, Cllr. Cephus has sacrificed several virgin girls for political power, protection and promotion; allegations the SG Cephus has since refuted, terming same as blackmail and an attempt to take him away from his job.

Score of Liberians who spoke to Women Voices expressed outrage over the numerous reports of secret killings, calling on government to consider Mr. Solomon Partisan as a person of interest to help with investigation into countless reports of ritualistic killings allegedly taking place in the country.

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