…Wants management to pay hospital bills

A lady identified as Betty Menyon is calling on the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to help her through any means to treat wounds she sustained after falling prey to high-tension wire.

Madam Menyon, a mother of 5 children, who survives on crushing rocks at Boulevard Junction, has been hospitalized since the incident, which occurred on November 27, 2021. 

Speaking in an interview with our reporter, Madam Menyon explained that on the 27 of November 2021, after crushing rock she and some friends were resting along side the road when a heavy storm came and threw down a light pole with current wire that electrocuted her.

“I was resting after I finish with my work in less than five minutes after the rain the wire dropped, next thing I can remember is I was admitted at the ELWA hospital,” she said.

According to her, since she got admitted at the hospital, LEC’s management has not shown any concern.

“My family informed Mr. Lawrence, who is LEC’s supervisor on Boulevard that visited and gave me 50$ USD and said he was going to help me with my bills but has not returned since then and now I have been discharged. I can’t go home because I’m still in pains and other skin test needs to be carried out but there’s no money for the medical treatments. I need LEC to intervene in my situation because I can not do anything for myself and my children currently,“ she said.

Also speaking to our reporter, an eyewitness identified as Bendu Freeman disclosed that there was a fire that caught on the LEC pole that caused the wire to drop.

“After the rain that day heavy fire caught on the pole that caused the wire to drop. While we were fighting for our lives, I saw group of guys surrounding Betty to help her when she fell on the ground, and it was when I realized that she got affected from the tension wire,” Bendu said

Madam Bendu Freeman also said that the LEC workers went on the scene the day of the incident and changed the wires emphasizing that it is surprising to her that Betty Menyon hasn’t gotten helped from the LEC since that time.

However when contacted the Assistant Manager for communications Affairs of LEC, Madam Verity Sonkarlay told Womenvoices that she can’t comment until there is a response from upper management.

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