A conglomeration of a local women’s organization and a youth-led organization in District #6 of Montserrado County have petitioned Mr. Samuel B. Jacobs to contest the seat of the district in the pending 2023 general and presidential elections.

The Brigadier Breakthrough Women of ELWA Studio Junction and the United Youth for Development of Carver Community, in Paynesville, said their decision was prompted by Mr. Jacobs’ commitment to the district and women specifically, and their desire for women’s empowerment, which they believe he can deliver if he’s elected as the district’s next lawmaker.

Speaking during the event over the weekend, the head of the Brigadier Breakthrough Women of ELWA Studio Junction, Bettie Zamie, described Mr. Jacob as their liberator and an individual who they believe can fully represent them at the national legislature.

“Our son, our brother, our friend that is coming to become an incoming representative for us in this district #6, Samuel Jacobs, and my strong youth and my women groups, I appreciate every one of you for gracing this program,” she said.

She also indicated that the women are convinced that Mr. Samuel Jacobs will make a change for the district, mostly for their community, the ELWA Studio Junction.

Highlighting the objective for which the Women and that of the United Youths for Development made the uncompromising decision to petition Mr. Jacobs, the spokesperson of the organizing committee, Mayer Trokon, noted that their community, including the district residents, are undergoing serious challenges that need a redeemer.

According to him, the community is lacking in women’s empowerment as well as youth development, including roads and safe drinking water. He pointed out that with the election of Mr. Samuel B. Jacobs to the District 6 Representative Seat, they are of the strongest conviction that the community will overcome those constraints.

“You see our mothers here; they are suffering; how will you help these people to stand on their own? How can we find safe drinking water when you shall take this place as one of your resting places?” How will you assist young people in obtaining an education? He said.

Mr. Trokon said the community residents, mostly mothers who are engaged in business, are in need of loans to help improve their businesses.

He said the residents of the community are prepared to fully give their votes to Mr. Jacobs in the forthcoming general and presidential elections.

Responding to the petition, Mr. Samuel Jacobs expressed gratitude to the people of Montserrado County’s District #6 for their commitment to support his political ambition in the district, and vowed to prioritize women’s empowerment if elected.

Mr. Jacobs said the petition from the Brigadier Breakthrough Women of ELWA Studio Junction and the United Youth for Development is among four other communities that have petitioned him to contest in the district.

“Three weeks ago, we had the opportunity to listen to a petitioner statement from the residents of GSA Road. During the petitioner statement, they said, “You contested in 2017 and you came second on GSA Road, and today we have come to say go, you cannot come second anymore, you are going to come first,” he said.

Mr. Jacobs, during the petition program, provided the women and youths the opportunities to acquire vocational skills at various vocational institutions within the district.

He also promised to give grants to market women and to provide materials for those attending the various vocational institutes.

Mr. Jacobs contested District 6 during the 2017 general and presidential elections but was defeated by the current Representative, Samuel Enders.

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