WOMEN-LED (Driven) ORGANIZATIONS play a crucial role in advocating for gender equality, promoting women’s rights, and ending violence against women. In Liberia, the Women NGOs Secretariat of Liberia (WONGOSOL) serves as the mother body of women-led Civil Society organizations, coordinating efforts to support women and children across the country. 

HOWEVER, WONGOSOL IS facing financial and operational challenges that are hindering its ability to fully address sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) issues.

DURING THE 9TH Women’s Movement Building Consultative Conference, Madam Esther Davis, the Executive Director of WONGOSOL, highlighted the limited funding and resources available to the organization. 

SHE EMPHASIZED THAT the funding received is often restricted to implementation, with minimal support for administrative costs. This lack of resources is impacting WONGOSOL’s ability to effectively respond to the needs of its members and address SGBV issues nationwide.

MADAM DAVIS YANGO called on international partners and donors to consider the developmental needs of organizations like WONGOSOL and to strengthen their capacity beyond just implementation. She stressed the importance of creating an enabling environment for human rights defenders, including those working on SGBV issues, to speak out without fear of reprisal.

IN ADDITION, SHE urged President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to prioritize the election of more women in leadership positions and called for greater support for women’s empowerment initiatives in the country. Women-led organizations are essential in addressing the root causes of violence against women, providing support services to survivors, and driving policy changes to create a more equitable society.

WE BELIEVE IT is important for international partners to support women’s movements in Liberia, particularly organizations like WONGOSOL, in their efforts to tackle SGBV issues. With the necessary resources and protection for human rights defenders, we can work towards a more just and equal society for all.

WONGOSOL WAS ESTABLISHED as an organ for coordinating the activities of women’s organizations in Liberia since 1998. WONGOSOL is an organization that has worked immensely in the area of women empowerment, gender sensitivity, tolerance, and equality and has empowered many women and youths to advocate for their rights and justice in every fabric of life especially those in rural communities. 

IT HAS COORDINATED the activities of women’s organizations in Liberia and brought women together to formulate and present their independent views on government issues directly affecting the women of Liberia. WONGOSOL has a membership of more than 100 network organizations in the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia.

BESIDE, WOMEN’s NGOs are at the forefront of addressing the root causes of violence against women, providing support services to survivors, and driving policy changes to create a more equitable society. They bring unique perspectives, experiences, and approaches to addressing gender-based violence.

THESE ORGANIZATIONS ARE often involved with offering counseling, legal assistance, shelter, and other essential services to survivors, and help them to heal and rebuild their lives. They ensure that their responses to violence are survivor-centered and trauma-informed.

ALSO, WOMEN-LED ORGANIZATIONS are crucial in raising awareness about the prevalence and impact of violence against women in communities and advocating for systemic change. They work to challenge harmful gender norms, promote gender equality, and hold perpetrators and institutions accountable for their actions.

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