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MONROVIA – Ahead of a Supreme Court conference hearing today, scheduled between suspended lawmaker Yekeh Kolubah, Representative, Montserrado County electoral district #10, and the rest of his colleagues in the House of Representatives, the House on Monday, 19 July 2021, officially lifted its suspension placed on Rep Yekeh about two months ago.

The House in its Monday’s communication, a copy of which is in the possession of Women Voices newspaper, informed Rep Yekeh that his suspension for 16-meeting days which the august body said commenced on May 18, 2021, was now lifted with immediate effect.

The House’s communication signed by its Chief Clerk, Madam Mildred N. Sayon, indicates that by directive of the Plenary of the House of Representatives, she was informing the Montserrado district #10 lawmaker that his suspension was now lifted.

“As a result of the this suspension being lifted, all your rights and privileges to receive your salary, benefits including gas and special allowances are hereby restored,” the House’s communication carbon-copied to the House of Representatives’ Director of Procurement noted.

But, Rep Yekeh, in an interview outside the Capitol Building, Monrovia, told reporters Tuesday that he will not honor the premature lifting of his suspension ahead of today’s hearing with the Supreme Court Chamber Justice Cllr. Joseph Nagbe.

He described the House’s communication announcing the lifting of his suspension as a piece of paper, stating that his colleagues are jokers.

“Those people are joking – is that how you restore somebody’s rights, when the person has been abused? Look, I respect the Court. We are going to the Court tomorrow – let them come. Why are they afraid? They asked for one week – come before the court.”

“I am saying they are afraid, that is why they passed paper under my door – was that the arrangement? The arrangement was that we were must appear to court on Wednesday, are they running away? Let the people stop joking,” Rep Kolubah emphasized.

Hear Rep Kolubah: “My man that thing that common piece of paper the people wrote – let’s meet to the Supreme Court let the Supreme Court rule, Rep Kolubah said, stressing, “I am not going to honor it, the Supreme Court ruling is what I am going to honor.”

The Montserrado district #10 lawmaker argues that if his colleagues meant well, such communication should have been written since the end of June 2021

Rep. Kolubah said: “If they wanted to give me that letter, my suspension was concluded since the end of last month – why they didn’t give me the communication? It is only today, you bring one paper passing it through my office?”

He averred that the House’s Monday’s communication is belated, saying, “My office received a communication in which the House is saying my suspension has been lifted, and I think it’s belated. My suspension should have been lifted since last month the 8th – that is why I took the House to the Supreme Court, for our rules to be interpreted.”

Therefore, Rep Kolubah stated that instead of honoring the House’s communication lifting his suspension, he will on today, as scheduled; appear before the Chamber Justice at the Supreme Court.

“Our rules have been abused by Acarous Gray, Bhofal Chambers and other people,” Rep Kolubah asserted, adding, “So our rules need to be interpreted. So I’m going back up to the Supreme Court. We are scheduled to be there tomorrow at 2 0’ clock, I am going to be there tomorrow at 2 0’ clock.”

Rep Kolubah is contending that his salaries and benefits have been withheld for two months, terming same as an abuse of his right an affront to the court

“My salary and benefit have been seized for two months. So, if they can give it to me, then I will know that they are respecting the Court, said Rep Kolubah, who insisted that the Supreme Court needs to interpret the rules of the House on the matter at hand – “Our rules have been disrespected and abused by Bhophal Chambers and Acarous Gray – Acarous Gray says he knows all the law – so let’s meet there tomorrow,” Rep Kolubah emphasized.

He maintained that he and majority members of the House are scheduled to appear at the Supreme Court, which he said will give its ruling today.

“I respect the wisdom of the Supreme Court, I respect the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court has to give their ruling tomorrow. So, we wait for ruling tomorrow. They shouldn’t be in haste. They asked for time, we’re supposed to appear tomorrow,” Rep Kolubah told reporters yesterday.

“So when we appear tomorrow, the Supreme Court will interpret our rules. I need our rules to be interpreted; that is why I ran up to the Supreme Court,” he added.

Rep Kolubah, who was among other reasons suspended for incessantly raining insults on President George Weah, accused his colleagues of taking personal everything that is said about the Liberia leader, vowing neither to stop nor retract anything he has ever said about President Weah, who he consistently referred to as Ambassador instead of President throughout the interview.

Rep Kolubah “Look, everything about Ambassador Weah, the people take it personal – and everything I have said about Ambassador Weah, I maintain it – I’m not going to withdraw anything I have said…”

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