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Women Voices Publisher receives Female publisher award

The only female publisher in Liberia Helen Nah Sammie has received a top award by the Pastoral   Board and that of the Women Department of Faith In Jesus Ministries International.

The ceremony that was part of the church Mother’s Day program, commenced with a procession that included   the women of Faith in Jesus Christ Ministries matching along with Helen Nah Sammie, publisher of the Women Voices Newspaper, were dancing to the glory of God for his continue blessing   and protection upon their lives as they jubilantly proceed to the podium.

Presenting the Certificate of award to the female publisher of the year, the General Overseer of the Faith in Jesus Ministries International Rev. Mother Veronica Smith described Madam Nah Sammie as a strong and committed woman who is competing with   the men with in the print media.

According to her, the Women Voices Publisher has proven     that women have the ability to do those things that the society especially Liberians think that it is only intended for men, something that Madam Sammie has changed the narrative in the history of the Liberian Media especially the print media.

She further disclosed that at all times the Women Voices Newspaper Publisher is observed seeking for information that will make impactful contribution to the nation especially the voices of the voiceless to be heard at the national stage through her publications.

The Woman of God further said that it takes courage   and commitment to amplify the voices of the less fortunate including women activities that she is going after to get the rightful information.     

Mother Smith said based on those valuable contribution by the female publisher of the Women Voices, the Church deems it essential   to honor her as the female publisher of the year.

In respond to the honor bestowed   upon her, Madam Helen Nah Sammie appreciated God   and the leadership of the Church, Faith in Jesus Ministries international for recognizing the work the she and the women voices family are doing to make the society better especially by raising the voices of women. 

Madam Sammie attributed her success to the support of her husband Robert Sammie   who according to her, is He for She that strongly supports her work.

The female publisher also appreciated able staff of women voices that included the Editor and Reporters for going after the news that resulted  to such  surprising  award  bestowed  upon her.

While the female Cleric guest preacher challenged Mothers to become Virtue in Society. Mother of City of Refuge Ministries International Mamuna Caulker challenged mothers across the country to cultivate a character as a virtue mother.

According to her, virtuous mothers are destined with in their communities, at work places and are valuable with high respect and dignity.

Speaking as guest preacher of the Faith in Jesus Ministries International Mother’s Day program May 23, 2021 that was held at the Church Edifice in Paynesville, the Female Cleric urged all mothers to be destined with in their communities.

She further said virtuous mothers are always in the position to advise their children in a positive direction that will make them become valuable in the community as well as the larger society.

The Woman of God also disclosed that not   every woman who gives birth to a child is a virtuous mother according to her , a virtuous mother will take her time  to pray for  the family ,her  husband, children including  the community,  the government and its people.

She said virtuous mothers speak with love, care and concern about others not only those who are worthy and are part of a class that you as a mother will like  to associate with, stressing  that such attitude  is not a  value in the eyes of God .

She also narrated that a virtuous mother or woman is trust worthy that the community can depend on including the church as well as the level of government.

Mother Caulker further encouraged women to play that critical role in the home by ensuring that her husband and children are well taking care indicating that people will admire.

She further disclosed that a virtuous mother will not tolerate evil for children in the community but   will direct the rightful path for   the children not to use them as a breadwinner for the family among others.

During the event, 21 special mothers and 17 special sisters were honored including the Mother of the year 2020-2021.

Madam Mary Saah, a local business woman was sashed and crowned for her dedicated services  to the church and humanity.

In respond   to the honor bestowed upon her, Mother Mary Saah extolled the church especially the General Overseer Mother Veronica Smith and the women of the church for such recognition.

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