-Elders and the Union of Bassa Citizens of Montserrado endorse Charlyne Brumskine/CPP.

By: Jerromie S. Walters

The vice presidential bid of Charlyne Brumskine, the daughter of fallen Liberty Party (LP) political leader Charles Walker Brumskine, has again gained maximum strength, as she gets endorsed by hundreds of elders and the Union of Bassa Citizens of Montserrado County.

Ms. Charlyne Brumskine, who’s the running mate to the standard bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), formally secured the fervent commitment of the conglomeration of elders, and young folks, which characterized themselves as the owners of Montserrado County. With their genuine support, they urged the female vice presidential candidate to have absolutely no cause to be troubled about support of the county, as they traditionally handed it over to her.

Consistent with this commitment, Elder Clarence Neyor, the head of the Elder Council guaranteed their commitment to Ms. Brumskine’s political bid, as well as the quest of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

With said assurance, they named her the owner of the land, (LIberia) as they insinuated that they are the original owners of the land, and as such; they’ve resolved to support her candidacy. “We give the country to you,” they further stated

The elder admonished Ms. Brumskine to have the greatest length of confidence in their endorsement, as he said it is honest, traditionally oriented and void of personal interest.

With this, he wants her be assured and confident that her ascendency to the vice presidential seat is confirmed.“Don’toverlook this place, when you leave from here, you get the job.

Enraged in joy and excitement, Ms. Charlyne Brumskineoverwhelmingly accepted the endorsement, and described it as the best of all endorsements she has gotten. “I accept the endorsement and I thank you“.

She sees it being beyond and bigger than politics. Also, she termed it as her greatest honor, considering that the land and people are traditionalists. “Today is one of the greatest honor my life”

Amid the monster of challenge the Liberty Party is confronted with, Ms. Brumskine said she will ensure that the party will never die.

“Come back home “, she encouraged disenchanted partisans of the Liberty Party (LP) to return to the party and reconcile their dissatisfaction. 

In her view, for too long they have supported other presidential and vice presidential candidates, as such; she believes it is now time that they produce a leader of their own.

“La our time” we will decide as Bassa people that we are ready, she passionately admonished her supporters and specifically the Bassa people.

With a deep sense of desire, and interest, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) vice presidential candidate emphasized the significance of women support to her quest.

According to her, she need them, as she’s confident that they are meaningful to the process.“I need you, I need the women,” she articulated.

Ms. Charlyne Brumskine further vowed to do all she can to ensure that she wins the October 10, 2023 election, but encouraged her supporters to commit themselves to the process also. “Walk with me,” she encouraged.

According to her, the endorsement wasn’t prompted by herself, but by her father.

“My father is from Grand Bassa District 3, so nobody can’t tell me I’m not from Bassa, she emphasized her identity.

“Today I stand in my pa shoes, and I tell you today, the same way Cllr. Brumskine held you, and the same way you held him, I will hold you the same way ,” she vowed.

Synonymous to Elder Clarence Neyor’s deliberation, Jeh Byron Browns, earlier in a remark at the event, acknowledged that they are resolved to support her candidacy. “We have decided to officially turnover the Bassa land to you 

He believes they are underdeveloped, so because of this, he thinks they should be more skeptical about who to entrust the country with.

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