Young Liberia Farmer Galapkai James Kollie

A young Liberian who is so passionate about farming is calling on the government of Liberia, international donors and developmental organizations as well as partners that believe in investing in agriculture to assist with farming implements to enable him to extend his agricultural activities in Lofa County.

Born and reared in Wenwuta Town, Zorzor District, Lofa County, young Galapkai Kollie is an ambitious Agriculturalist who wants to give back to the poor through job creation by means of agriculture. The Liberian farmer whose intent is to help boost Liberia’s agricultural sector through the production of rice, cocoa, oil palm, peppers, plantains, and many other things has since been seeking support.

The Young Agriculturalist has been providing Job opportunities for Liberians. Mr. Kollie said he has employed one hundred persons, including fifty-(50) males and fifty (50) females.

Kollie said he began his project on October 4, 2016 on a huge farmland. “I have 600 plus acres of land, but I started on 20 acres out of the 600 because I don’t have the materials to plant on the remaining land”, he said. 

Kollie said for the last six (6) years, he has been involved in productions of rice, cocoa, peppers, plantains and oil palm. For the past season, Kollie said he was able to harvest a small amount of product due to the challenges he is faced with. “Currently I have harvested a hundred bags of rice, five bags of cocoa, and ten gallons of oil palm, and these products are on sale in Zowolo Market in Zorzor ”, he said.

This young farmer listed the following to boost his farming activities: 100 pieces of cutlasses, 50 pieces of shovels, 25 pieces of pin ax, 50 pieces of diggers, 600 pieces of calix oil palm seeds, 500 pieces of supergene oil palm seeds and Rain boots 100 pairs. Others are wheelbarrow 20 pieces Raincoats 100pcs and rice mail.

During an exclusive interview with Womenvoices Mr. Galakpai James Kollie told our reporter that it is believed that over the next few decades, agriculture will continue to be the dominant sector of employment and a vital source of labor for young people in Liberia and the world at large, so he wants to be one of those that will help the government in creating more jobs for ordinary Liberians.

Harnessing young people’s potential to participate meaningfully in food production and other agricultural activities, young Kollie appears to have the potential to increase productivity and revenues, as well as contribute to resilience and food security of many households in Liberian if given the necessary support.

Kollie however refuted the notion that young people are disinterested in agriculture. Though some people turn away because of the difficult work, social stigmas, and the challenges faced in earning a suitable income.

Since the civil war ended, Liberia has suffered from chronic food insecurity and poor agricultural production, which Kollie said has motivated him to join and strive in the agriculture sector of Liberia. 

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