…Montserrado district #2 Chairmen Council describes Bishop Donyen’s lawsuit 

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson I 

The Council of Chairmen of Montserrado County electoral district #2 has described the continued lawsuit of electoral fraud against the National Elections Commission by candidate Bishop Nimely J. Donyen as “Action to fulfill his desire against the development of the district and its people.”

Addressing a major press conference over the weekend in the district, the head of the Council of Chairperson Mr. Jackson Nyepan said that they are appealing to Bishop Donyen to further resist from pursuing the case at the Supreme Court. 

According to the chairperson Council head, they have observed that the persistent action by  Bishop Donyen to run from court to court is meant to hold the district at a standstill. 

Mr. Nyepan further indicated that the Council of Chairmen is further convinced that Bishop Donyen’s decision to hold the district hostage is an attempt to fulfill his personal desire against the development of the district and its people.

” The council is peacefully and unarguably calling on Bishop Nimely J. Donyen to withdraw, abandon, or leave his argument of unproven Election Fraud against NEC to join the people of District #2 to begin to rally the development agenda for the district as we draw closer to 2029 Election period” Mr. Nyepan urged. 

Bishop Nimely filed a lawsuit to the Magistrate of the National Elections Commission as mandated by the New Elections Law complaining and alleging electoral fraud in the just-ended representative election in the district. 

He accused his opponent who is now being declared as the winner, Mr. Sekou S. Kanneh of fraud. However, his claim was denied by the NEC magistrate and the Board of the NEC because he didn’t have facts and evidence to prove his claims. 

This decision, which didn’t satisfy candidate Donyen has filed a lawsuit against the NEC and Candidate Kanneh with the Supreme Court alleging fraud and praying the court to examine the NEC decision and revoke Mr. Kanneh’s winnership. 

However, the Chairmen Council of the Township of Johnsonville stated that after carefully following the political arguments between candidate  Donyen and Mr. Kanneh, the leadership, and members of the Council are strongly taken aback by the actions and stiff neck attitude of Bishop Donyen a senior elder of the District #2.

” We are disappointed by his actions to resist, refuse, and remain blind founded to the decisions of both the election magistrate and Board of Election Commissioners that Honorable Donyen lacked sufficient and prudent evidence to prove his allegations. We want him to come back join his friend and work for the district ” he started. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Nyepan said that the council of chairmen is also calling on the Supreme Court of Liberia to throw out what he describes as a failed argument and give no credence to the allegations labeled against the national election commission by Bishop Donyen.

He believes that the lack of sufficient and prudent evidence based on the judgment or conclusion by the Election Magistrate and the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commissions is enough reason to throw out the case. 

“We are also urging or calling on the National Election Commission to speedily and peacefully certificate the winner for Electoral District #2 in the person of Hon. Sekou Sarafody Kanneh for the continued peaceful improvement of the District. Finally, urged Bishop Nimely J. Donyen to accept the decision from the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission and focus on the progress and development of the district” he concluded.