JNB throws gibe at Weah

Former Vice President Boakai

MONROVIA – Former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has strongly criticized President Weah’s administration for poor governance, corruption and nepotism.

The former Vice President wondered why President Weah and other top government officials including the speaker and deputy speaker have not visited the Whitehouse or the Secretary of State of the United States Government since the inception of President Weah’s administration three years ago.

Appearing on Costa Show via zoom on Friday April 16, 2021, the former VP insinuated that President Weah’s administration has not done enough to strengthen relationship with the United States Government.

He said it is a concern that the Liberian Government has forgotten about the United States of America.

“It is unfortunate that the President, Vice President, Speaker and Deputy Speaker can’t visit the United States of America, how can they open doors of opportunities and speak on behalf of the people,” the former VP wonders.

VP Boakai boosted of having connections in America and President Biden’s administration that he would easily exploit when elected President in 2023, stating that he travels to America anytime he wishes and sometimes uses his connection to do work for his people.

The former VP President bragged that he is the only candidate that can take on President Weah and bring him down in 2023.

“I am confident, if the CPP (Collaborating Political Parties) wants to defeat President Weah and liberate the Liberian people, they should know who to put on the ticket that the Liberian people will support. I am the only person now who can take on President Weah and bring him down,” the aging former vice president said.

The Liberian politician said he intends to provide a leadership that caters to the needs of the people of Liberia stating that since 1847, Liberia has suffered from leadership deficit, gibing that “it does not mean that when you become president you own everything, including women.”

The former VP President maintains that road remains his top priority as he indicated during the 2017 presidential election, which he contested and lost to President Weah.

Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai however, said his government would do differently from President Weah’s administration, charging that this Government is building substandard roads with inflated costs.

Nevertheless, critics of former Vice President Joseph Boakai have averred that he can’t excuse himself of the excesses of the previous government of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf twelve-year rule.

The former vice president is criticized of presiding over the Liberian Senate that passed into law 66 concession agreements that he personally signed in violation of both local and international laws.

He’s on record for admitting that the Unity Party-led administration, to which he served as VP, squandered more opportunities that would have transformed Liberia.

As the country’s political battle for 2023 draws closer, Liberian politicians are showcasing themselves and unveiling their quests for political leadership, but the Liberian people will surely be the best judge for making the final decision at the ballots.

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