-As NEC announces 86.71 percent of the total votes cast

By G. Bennie Bravo Johnson

With 86.71 percent of official tallied results announced by the National Elections Commission (NEC), so far- opposition Unity Party (UP) Standard Bearer, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, maintains convincing lead in the runoff election, with 712,741 votes.

He’s ahead of incumbent President George Weah, who has accumulated 696,520 votes, amounting to 49.42 percent.Wednesday and Thursday’s results keep Amb. Boakai in the lead, as the National Elections Commission (NEC), has exhausted tallying of 5,107 out of 5,890 polling places across the country.

The NEC held the run-off because both men failed to secure the 50 percent plus one vote required to be declared a winner of the presidential election, contested by 20 candidates on 10, October. 

On Thursday, the NEC continued releasing preliminary reports from just 517 out of 5,890 polling places across the Country.

Reading the national progressive tally results at the NEC headquarters in Monrovia Thursday, November 16, 2023, NEC chairperson Madam Davidetta Brown-Lansanah, said the results came from 5,17 of the total of 5,890 polling places across the country, constituting 86.71%.

‘’I now present National Presidential results progressive tally report consolidated. 5,17 polling places of the total of 5,890 polling places constituting 86.71%. Candidate, Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai of the opposition Unity Party, votes obtained seven hundred and twelve thousand seven hundred and forty one constituting 50.58% while candidate President George M. Weah six hundred and ninety six thousand five hundred and twenty constituting 49.42%,’’ she stated.

The NEC Chairperson put the total valid votes at one million four hundred and nine thousand two hundred and sixty one constituting 100% while the total invalid votes are twenty two thousand one hundred and twenty seven with the total votes of one million four hundded and thirty one thousand three hundred and eighty eight.

Meanwhile, the National Election Commission has completed vote tally in three of Liberia’s fifteen counties. The three counties completed by the NEC included Lofa, Bong and Bomi County.  

‘’Progressive tally reports from the counties, Bomi county, of the total of 171 polling places constituting 100%, candidate Amb. Josephy Nyumah Boakai obtained 23,359 votes constituting 59.62.% while President George M. Weah, accumulated 15,820 votes amounting to 40.38%. Lofa county, of the 424 polling places constituting 100% are reported. Candidate Boakai accumulated 75,373 votes amounting to 64.60% while President Weah got 41,298 votes amounting to 35.40%. finally, in Bong county, of the 55 polling places amounting to 100% Amb. Boakai accumulated 64,194ampounting to 47.08% while President Weah got 72,159 votes amounting to 52.92%’’ the NEC concluded.

Far from what many saw during the presidential and legislative elections on October 10, 2023, the November 14, 2023, runoff election displayed a low voter turnout during the initial phase, in several counties cross Liberia.

Reports from Montserrrado, Nimba, Lofa, Bong, Bomi, Geand Bassa, River Gee, Maryland, Lofa and a scores of other counties throughout the process, showed a very low turnout of electorate. Like several other counties, the euphoria at the Jawoe Manalah Public School in Gboata, Bong County, revealed a scene of less than two dozens of electorates.Moreover, this is similar to the scene from a precinct at the Cuttington University campus in Bong County.

In Margibi, voters attendance in the round off election in District# 4 Margibi County, at St. Augustine Episcopal Mission High School at polling place 1, and 2 was very poor. Also, it was similar situation at the EJ Yancy Annex, District #3, Margibi County and several other seats in the county.

The turnout of voters during a runoff election is crucial for the democratic process and the legitimacy of the final outcome. However, it was observed that the number of voters that participated in the recentelection was significantly lower than expected.

Scores of citizens we spoke with say several factors could potentially contribute to this low turnout, including- voters trucking, and reluctance of voters because they believe the process isn’t tense like the previous elections. 

The National Elections Commission (NEC) of Liberia released the final results from the recently concluded October 10, 2023, legislative and presidential elections, setting the stage for a runoff scheduled for November 14, 2023.

The NEC declared that after a thorough and transparent electoral process, no candidate secured the 50% +1 vote majority to claim an outright victory. “With the results of the 10 October polls showing that no presidential ticket obtained 50% of the votes, a runoff elections is hereby declared to be held on Tuesday, 14 November between the two tickets that obtained the highest votes of the CDC and UP,” the NEC boss revealed.

At a press conference held at the NEC headquarters, Tuesday, October 24, 2023, NEC Chairperson, Madam Davidetta Browne Lasannah, revealed the final tallies from the October 10 polls, with incumbent President George Weah leading with a total of 804,087 votes, constituting 43.83%, followed by former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai with a total votes of 796,961, accounting for 43.44%. With a turnout of 78.86%, citizens engaged in the democratic process, expressing their hopes and concerns for the country’s future.

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