WSR Cautions Political Youth Leaders 

The Women’s Situation Room (WSR) of the Angie Brooks International Centre (ABIC) for Women’s Empowerment, Leadership Development, International Peace and Security has admonished youth leaders of the political parties in the just ended Presidential Run-off Elections

On Thursday, November 16,2023, the WSR invited the youth leaders at its WSR office in Monrovia to discuss matter surrounding the peace of the country after the conduct of the November 14, 2023 elections.

In her welcoming statement, the Establishment Coordinator of the Angie Brooks International Centre and Initiator of the Women’s Situation Room stared that reason for the called engagement is because results will be coming out from the National Elections Commission and when there is violence the country peace will be undermine.

“You are the ones that are going to get hurt. Please remember that the peace of the country is important. We know what it means to be youth leaders, do not put your people at risk”, said Cllr Wureh.

According to her this is going to be a very close votes, but how the youth are going to manage their expectations is the point of discuss because someone is going to loose. You must consider the peace of the country, she added.

Other Eminent Women in the attending the engagement included Dr. Evelyn Kandakai, Romel Horton,  Ophelia Saytumah, Korpo Howard, expressed excitement for the presence of the youth at the courtesy called of the WSR. They said the first step to discuss issues is to converge.

At the same time, they stressed it is important to safeguard the peace and it is in the course of the right direction to maintain the peace, and where there is issues of violence they should reject it.

Do not get involved into violence, try to calm to be calmed, this is the only way your country will move forward. We must ensure that our country peacec is maintained”,  they emphasized. 

They added that the International community is tired with coming to Liberia to solve Liberians crisis. There are more concerning about the World, Liberia is not the only country of focus. Let’s be peaceful, they said, accordingly.

Thank you for showing up, and because you show up it means you are showing leadership. We have to take this nation seriously. Talk to your friends, relatives and neighbors. Please continue to uphold the peace of this country, and we look forward to see how we can work for the betterment of this nation, the said.

Taking to the discussion,  Collins F  Tamba, Secretary General of the Unity Party Youth Congress,  noted that it is also the responsibility of the Eminent Woman, National Elections Commission, and the Government of Liberia to uphold the peace as well. 

However, he made it know that the Unity Party will not accept rig results. “We can not make commitment to peace until the right things are done. We were intimated during election day. We are seeing numbers coming out and nobody will temple with the results and we accept it”, he told the gathering.

In remarks, the Secretary General of the Revolutionary Youth League of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Hassan Newland began by lauding the women of Liberia for the enormous sacrifices made for the Republic of Liberia, as he noted that their contributions will forever be remembered.

At the same time, he mentioned that the transformation of the country is the concern of every Liberian. He said as Secretary of the Revolutionary Youth League of the Coalition for Democratic Change, he has the responsibility to ensure that the country is peaceful for every Liberian including his daughter.

Preserving the peace of the state is the concern of Liberian. From the CDC, we want to restate the words of the President Weah, the CDC will be peaceful. We will allow the process to proceed. We can no longer return to the dark days. What ever the election results will be, the CDC will be humble,

in closing, Cllr. Chesson-Wureh reminded the youth, that the WSR is a non political institution that is at the astute level to mitgate issues. She restated that the youth leaders are not future leaders, instead they are  already leaders with great responsibility to safeguard the peace.This room has one political party, that is the Republic of Liberia. If you are aggrieved, please seek redress at court, she concluded.

In brief remarks, Olubanke King -Akerele enjoined her colleagues to called on the youth politician to embrace the peace and maintain it. She described the gathering as a milestone to chat the course ahead of the pronouncement of the results of the by the NEC.