What is Botmusix?

Botmusix is a music streaming platform that gives Liberian musicians and fans a tool to connect and share the passion for Liberian Music.

Sell your song

The platform allows Liberian artistes to sell their songs with ease. This platform is helping to put money in the pockets of many underground Liberian artistes.

Be the first to hear new Liberian tracks, connect directly with fellow fans and your favorite artists in real time, and support the future of Liberian music with every play, like, comment, download, share and song purchased.

Botmusix puts more money in artiste’s pockets, empowering and enabling them to continue to create and push Liberian music culture forward.

We have partnered with botmusix.com to take Liberian music to another level for so long Liberian artistes had no sustainable and meaningful way to monetize their song locally but with the emergence of botmusix.com it is a whole new opportunity for Liberian artistes.

Download the Botmusix app from Google Play Store using this link Download App

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