MONROVIA – House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers has extolled Liberians for peacefully participating in the country’s just-ended special elections, indicating that the outcome of the elections reflect the will of Liberians.

Speaker Champers in a statement issued in Monrovia says his felicitations also goes to sitting members of the 54th Legislature who saw faith in the democratic credentials of the country and threw their political interests in for participation.

The Speaker says he believes that the outcome of the democratic process reflects the will of the Liberian people and has called on all participants to see themselves as champions of democracy.

He says, now that the elections are over, he remains cognizant about the impact the process has made on the 54th Legislature, signaling the House of Representatives, which recorded several of its members throwing expressing interest in the Senate.

He then congratulated all sitting Representatives of the Legislature who won senatorial seats in their respective counties, and has at the same time commended those who did not get their people’s mandate, for their participation.

The Speaker has also welcomed two Representatives-elect from Montserrado and Sinoe Counties, following the NEC pronouncements on their victory in the just-ended Representative By-elections in Montserrado County electoral district #9 and Sinoe County electoral district #2 respectively..

Speaker Chambers, referencing the National Elections Commission’s announcement about the electoral victory of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Prince Moye of Bong County, congratulated the Senator-elect, saying, Moye’s electoral win to the Liberian Senate will trigger an election to fill the Deputy Speaker’s post through an election amongst colleague members of the House of Representatives in line with the House’s rules.

House of Representatives standing rules #54.1, gives the Speaker the mandate to appoint or reappoint all chairpersons and co-chairperson of all statutory and standing committees including members of legislative delegations to other international parliamentary bodies. This exercise is squarely within the architectural framework of the honorable House of Representatives, according to the statement, which adds that this authority of the Speaker coincides with the outcome of the special senatorial elections which witnessed the participation of nearly 17-sitting lawmakers from the House of Representatives. 

Meanwhile, House Speaker Chambers is in his native Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County, where he participated in the electoral process in that part of the country campaigning openly for his party’s candidate Mr. James P. Biney of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). Mr. Biney has since been announced by the National Elections Commission as the winner of the race in Maryland County.  

Wednesday in Pleebo City, Speaker Chambers handed over to the County Health team of Maryland County, several boxes of medical drugs. Dr. Methodius George, Maryland County Health Officer accepting the consignment of medical supplies thanked Speaker Chambers for the gesture and promised the supplies will be used for the intended purpose.

Last week in Pleebo City at a Townhall meeting with his constituents, Speaker Chambers announced an additional Two Million Liberian Dollars (LRD 2,000,000) in scholarship grants and made available more than fifteen hand pumps water machines to Pleebo Sodoken District for use by residents.

Earlier in the District, Dr. Chambers announced a cash grant to marketeers of Pleebo Sodoken, an additional One Million Liberian Dollars (LRD. 1,000,000) to enhance an existing one million Liberian Dollars grant, which will total, two Million Liberian Dollars (LRD. 2,000,000) as a revolving fund.

The Maryland County lawmaker has been holding several Townhall meetings across his district, solving some of the needs of his constituents, several of which are personal and categorized conditions.

According to the statement, Speaker Chambers has also announced during one of his Townhall gatherings, the amount of three hundred thousand Liberian Dollars (LRD 300,000) for youth empowerment.

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