-Outlines landmark achievements

Rep. Fonati Kofa

Grand Kru County electoral district #2 lawmaker and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, has reported to his constituents in that part of the country, outlining several landmark gains under his leadership.

Deputy Speaker Koffa, who for the second week running continues his visit to Grand Kru, recently Rep. Koffa informed his constituents that in the three years he has served as chairman on the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee, he carried critical legal expertise to the Legislature and worked several landmark pieces of Legislations most notable of which he said was the Domestic Violence Act of 2019 which had lingered in the Legislature for over six years. This Act provides protection for women men and children against sexual-based violence.

The Deputy Speaker reported that over L$3m was distributed in micro loans to the women in Doeswen and Barforwin and more than L$300,000 has been expanded during natural disasters, especially flood and storm victims in Barclayvile.

According to him, or the first time in 37 years, over 6,000 residents of Forkpoh Parluken were able to communicate to their families, loved ones and friends, having benefitted from a communication tower of which the site was lobbied for by the Grand Kru County District#2 Representative.

He disclosed that besides the lobbying for the site of Parluken, the Deputy Speaker spent over US$9,000 to transport the team of the Liberia Telecommunication Authority and K-net for assessments visits.

Also, serving as Chairman of the Steering Sports and Mobilization Committees, Deputy Speaker Koffa reported that he has been the single highest funder to have supported the Grand Kru County football team, which led to the clinching of the trophy during 2019/2020 National County Sports Meet.

The lifting of trophy of the football edition by Grand Kru, according to Rep Koffa, is the first time in over 35 years.

Reporting on his legislative functions regarding matters on the international front, Deputy Speaker Koffa  divulged: “We were pleased to be invited to join H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah for an ECOWAS extraordinary session in Niamey, Niger.”

“We were also pleased to be invited by his Excellency to join him in France for the Paris Peace Conference and to Dubai for the 5th Annual Global Business Forum for Africa.”

“We were also pleased to be appointed to the delegation to attend the 74th United Nations General Assembly and to also travel to Washington DC to lobby the United States Congress on behalf of the Republic of Liberia.”

He added that during all of these trips, he succeeded in developing important networks that he believes will yield fruit to Grand Kru electoral district #2 in particular and county in general, in the future.

The Grand Kru lawmaker reporting on challenges, among other things named the global financial crisis and bad roads as some bottlenecks to his leadership during the reporting period.

Meanwhile, in his prospects for the remaining three years, Deputy Speaker Koffa said he would focus on communication network, education, health and roads.

To ensure students in the hinter part of his district get familiar with taking computerized tests or electronically type-written tests and graduate from taking tests from the chalkboard and writing answers on copybook sheets, the Deputy Speaker promised to provide five photocopier machines and sheets of solar panels to provide power (electricity), as well as stationeries to be distributed in Forkpoh Dweken, Bolloh Jlateken, Jloh Betu and Nifu and also Dorboh Barforwin respectively.

In furtherance to education, the Deputy Speaker has committed himself to completing the George T. Worjloh Elementary School in Sasstown, the Taybue Elementary School and promised to increase the number of volunteer teachers in the county to 100 and provide monthly stipends for them as well.

In the area of health, Deputy Speaker Koffa commits to singlehandedly funding the operations of the Bolloh Doeswen and Buah Jlateken Clinics, provide monthly fuel to the Buah Health Center and contribute to the renovation of health centers across the Grand Kru electoral district #2.

Touching on roads, especially in Dorboh Statutory District, the Grand Kru lawmaker has committed to rehabilitating the roads, and promised to also install a communication network in Dweken.

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