-FALAS SG admonishes political parties

The International Secretary General of the Federation of African Law Students (FALAS), Mr. Ephraim T. Nyumah, has described the pre-celebration and pronouncement of unofficial results by political parties across the country as a complete recipe for chaos, and urged political parties’ heads to demonstrate leadership by influencing the actions of their supporters. 

He made the statement Wednesday, November 15, 2023, in a conversation via telephone with this paper.

“From the angle of the Federation of the African Law Students (FALAS), we want to call on every citizens of the country, especially political parties to desist from pre-victory celebration and unofficial results pronouncement. This is a recipe  for chaos. We urged political parties heads to demonstrate leadership and encourage their supporters that the only body charged with such authority is the NEC,” he stated. 

The Federation of African Law Students (FALAS) is the apex and unifying umbrella body for undergraduate law students across the African continent.

The Federation enjoys goodwill and bank on endorsements from the African Bar Association (AfBA), and other regional/national law bodies across the continent which we mutually collaborate with to foster our founding credo.

FALAS is an international, non-partisan and forward-looking association that is wired towards building a united Africa and a common future and also seeks to promote and protect the interest of justice, fairness, equity and equality in Africa while ensuring at all times regardless of the prevailing circumstances that they are united on all frontiers.

According to him, they will not encourage political parties’ heads giving assurance to their supporters that they have won the election, despite alluding that every political party have the means to tabulate their results.

He urged Montserrado County district #10 representative Yekeh Kolubah, and other members of the Unity Party youth league and supporters of the CDC to disengage from announcing results and pre-celebration and wait for the final results from the NEC. 

“Let them abide by the law and await the NEC to announce the final result. If you make your supporters to believe that you have won the election and the NEC official result doesn’t go in your favor that will obviously create chaos” Mr. Nyumah pointed out. 

Mr. Ephraim T. Nyumah further argued that any political party head that refuse to talk to their supporters to desist, is a sign of leadership failure and disrespect for the Constitution and law. 

He disclosed that if anybody wants to led, the only thing they have to guide them is the Constitution therefore, if they can’t respect the Constitution, they are not capable of leading the country. 

” If political parties will not respect the Constitution, they are telling us that if they lead the country, they will not be able to govornor well because they are showing the early sign of recklessness, by not obeying the Constitution. The law gives the NEC fifteen days and so let the CDC and UP exercise patient and restraint and if they are not satisfy with the results, they should go to the Supreme Court” he urged. 

Meanwhile, the student leader extolled and congratulate Liberians for turning out to exercise their constitutional rights by voting leaders of their choices. 

Mr. Nyumah said that voters as per the Constitution, has the right to elect and remove their leader when the need arises when their happiness, safety and security feel threatened and undermined.

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