-Farmington refutes media report that its manager refused House of Representative summon

Farmington Hotel has refuted media reports that it turndown citation from the Honorable House of Representatives for its Manager to appear before that body to answer to question of Tax Holiday. 

A release from the Hotel said the General Manager of the Hotel, Mr. Dominique Viard did not refuse to appear before the Leadership of the House of Representatives, pointing out that it was a few journalists that are misinforming the public that the General Manager of Farmington Hotel, Mr. Viard refused to honor invitation from the Leadership of the House of Representatives to provide responses to inquiries on what they described as ‘Tax Holiday and corporate social responsibility by the hotel.

“The Farmington Hotel Management wishes to inform the Liberian People and the general public that said story is not only false and misleading, but one intended to demean or lower the image of the hotel, as well as the character of its General Manager, Mr. Dominique Viard. Let it be made resoundingly clear that at no time did the management of Farmington Hotel Liberia, through its General Manager, Mr. Viard refuse to appear before the Leadership of the House of Representatives”.

The release however said though the House of Representatives, through its Chief Clerk Madam Mildred Sayon on November 12, 2021 invited the General Manager of Farmington Hotel to appear before its leadership to respond to issues of Tax Holiday and corporate responsibility towards the citizens of Electoral District #2, Margibi County, the matter was referred to its team of layers.

“Due to the nature of the invitation, the management of Farmington Hotel referred the matter to its Counsel of lawyers. The Hotel Lead Lawyer, Cllr. Johnny Momoh wrote the House of Representatives, informing the body that Mr. Dominique Viard is not best suited to respond to issues relative to ‘tax holiday’ and social corporate responsibility by Farmington, as he is just a manager”.

Management therefore requested for two weeks’ period from the House of Representatives, at which time the shareholders and directors of Farmington Hotel Liberia will be in the country to respond to the inquiries, the release said.

“Meanwhile, the Management of Farmington Hotel Liberia wants to make it unequivocally clear that the hotel is paying all taxes required by the Liberian laws, including Income Tax, NASSCORP Tax and Goods and services Tax (GST). We have contributed a lot to the community in which we operate”.

 Management in the release said its social corporate projects towards the community include the renovation of the RIA Community School; construction of hand pumps and many others.

The release said despite the negative impacts of COVID-19 on businesses, the Farmington Hotel management maintained all of its employees on payroll.

“The Farmington Hotel Management urges all media practitioners to fact check their information on Farmington Hotel at all times before publishing. The Door of the Hotel is open to all, especially the Media for factual reporting. We crave for a cordial working relationship with both houses of the Legislature and the media”, it concludes.

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