-NCHE halts BlueCrest University College Master’s Program

The National Commission of Higher Education (NCHE) has notified the public that Blue Crest University College is not authorized to offer master’s degree as it has been advertising on public media.    

“This communique is to inform the public and interested persons wanting to enroll in the Blue Crest University College graduate program that such program has not been approved or accredited by the NCHE, and any person who enrolls into this program is doing so at his or her own risk”, NCHE said.

A release from NCHE said it was concerned about the Blue Crest University College advertising and enrolling students to study for a master’s degree program.

“Let it be known that the Blue Crest University College applied to the NCHE for elevation of status to offer a master’s degree in Information Technology. The Blue Crest University College’s proposed program was assessed by the NCHE”, the release said.

NCHE said recommendations were made by the NCHE for the Blue Crest University College to fulfill in order to be granted the status of accreditation, before the university college would commence the master’s degree program in Information Technology, stating that up-to-date the Blue Crest University College has not fulfilled the conditions and recommendations proffered by the NCHE for its program accreditation at the graduate level. 

“Consequently, the failure of Blue Crest University College to fulfill all the prescribed NCHE requirements before commencing the proposed graduate program is a gross violation of the NCHE’s mandate and policy that regulate higher education institutions within the Republic of Liberia”, NCHE said.

NCHE said advertising and enrolling students for graduate studies without the tacit approval by the NCHE is a flagrant violation by the Blue Crest University College.

NCHE said it remains resolute to take all appropriate actions in this case, stating that the public and interested persons are hereby cautioned not to apply to any graduate program or programs advertised by the Blue Crest University College in Liberia, until the NCHE notifies the public in similar manner.

The NCHE was established as an autonomous agency of the Government of Liberia to serve as the arm of Government, and charged with the regulation and supervision of higher education activities in the country.  The Legislative Act of the Commission authorizes the Commission to formulate broad policy guidelines for the establishment of institutions of higher education in Liberia, and to coordinate and serve as the principal liaison between institutions of learning commencing from the Post-Secondary level; monitor, evaluate, and accredit all institutions of higher learning; approve new and existing programs of higher education for funding, after having satisfied itself of their needs for national development; and, review existing programs at higher education institutions to establish priority programs of study based on national needs.

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