-Liberia’s leading female musician makes headways

Twenty-five-year-old FaithVonic is a Liberian Afropop and “Hipco” (HipHop) artist – one of the very few female artists on Liberia’s music scene, a country with a turbulent history on the West-African coast.

She says her music is made to make people happy. But she says creating music is also a way for her to escape her personal trauma. It’s her creative coping mechanism after everything that she and the country have been through.

“There’s so much in Liberia that we’ve been through,” she says.

“From the war to domestic violence, to rape, to sex. I just can’t name it all. It can even traumatise you when you just start to think about it.”

After two civil wars, the last ended in 2003, the Liberian society has had to come to grips with the loss of family, sexual and domestic violence and PTSD. But Liberians have had little time to heal their scars.

In 2014, the country faced a tragic Ebola outbreak for over two years. It is now dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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