-Liberians express concern over LRA staff’s whereabouts

Missing Staff of LRA, Mr. Moore

Several Liberians have taken to social media to express concern over what appears to be the mysterious disappearance of a staff of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Mr. Sayon Moore.

Moore’s family members announced over the weekend that he has gone missing, indicating that since the LRA’s employee assigned at the entity’s Real Estate Division as Enforcement Officer left his ELWA Community residence on 3 August 2021, his whereabouts remain unknown and his cellphone numbers for both Lone Star and Orange cellular service providers are switched off, making it difficult, if not impossible for him to be contacted.

According to a family spokesman, Sam Horace, who spoke to Women Voices newspaper last Saturday in a telephone interview, Moore, prior to leaving his home before being declared missing, told his fiancée, the mother of his 2-year-old lad, that he was taking an important office document to an unnamed individual, in the Du-Port Road Community, Paynesville City.

The disappearance of Moore, an employee of the LRA, is followed by the disappearance and subsequent deaths of two former staff of the entity in 2020.

After going missing for days, the lifeless bodies ofAlbert Peters, who at the time worked as an Assistant Commissioner for Internal Audit of LRA and Mrs. Gifty Lamah, an erstwhile manager in LRA’s Tax Payer Services Division (TPSD), were discovered in a vehicle on Broad Street, on Friday, 2 October 2020.

A family source quoting Moore’s fiancée (name withheld because she requested that it be so for now), told Women Voices newspaper that this is unlike the LRA’s missing staff, who his fiancée of more than nine years said does not sleep out.

The source intimated that Moore, over the years, has been a good family man, who would always come back home, no matter how late.

Howbeit, many Liberians are making known their displeasure, while several others are expressing concern over the latest news of the disappearance for days now, of yet another employee of the LRA, Sayon Moore.

Saki Tango, a Liberian, wrote on Facebook in regards to the disappearance of Moore, suggesting that Lonestar Cell MTN or Orange should be contacted to assist in the search for the missing staff of the LRA, by checking the two cellular service providers’ systems for call records, as well as establishing where Sayon’s phone was last used.

Dartor Bolo, another Liberian wrote indicating that he was joining the search for the missing man – “I join Sayon Moore’s family and friends to create awareness of his mysterious disappearance,” Bolo wrote, quoting Sayon’s fiancée as stating that the LRA missing staff left his residence on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 5pm local time, and up to August 6, he had not been seen, and that his phone was off.

“He told his family, he [was] going to DuPort Road. He’s an Employee of LRA (Liberia Revenue Authority). He was last seen wearing a green shirt, black trouser and black sneaker,” Bolo further wrote.

Bolo added: “… we really need to pray. There is no joke is in a snake’s mouth (Liberia) especially where we are still looking for the three missing boys.”

Welma Niala Mansfield wrote, “Wow,” while in total dismay, Charline D. Early wrote, “Lord Jesus! What is going on? Sad time,” and Ninth Cousin indicated: “Hmmmmm… LRA again! Lord, have mercy. It’s so sad! that’s person go out andnever return home.”

“My God!!! Please don’t let this happen,” Cahmen Fargalo wrote, while Mohammed Abdullah Turay, for his part, wrote, “This is beyond shocking! I chatted and spoke with Saryon 3 days ago.”

Yah Gorbgoyee responded like this: “Dear Jesus Christ, please let your angels protect and [guide] him be uncovered where ever he is. Amen.”

“Lord Jesus may your grace located our brother and friend where ever he may be, please bring him back safe and sound to his family,” Lawodo Bedell Wesley wrote, while Wolojay Togba wrote, “Jesus take the wheel Lord and bring our brother back to us safely.”

Kou Kamei Carlor: “God, please reunite our brother with us safely.”

Thelma B. Miller: “Lord have we come to America style of people getting missing? Lord please safe him.”

Marie Zehbleh: “This is wayyyy serious now!!!”

Ramie: Dee Wolo: “Oh Liberia ! This is not good news.”

Pinky Nugbo Selma-Wesseh: “Wow! Another LRA employee? Lord, please relocate this young man and bring him back to his family.”

Gabriel Sarkpa Flaboe, Snr.: “Very sad situation. Can we find out who he went to visit in Duport? Our prayers are with you bro for your safe return to your family and friends by his grace.”

One Mike McCrownsey: “My thoughts and prayers for bro. Sayon Moore, God please locate this very nice gentleman.”

Kortoe Ernestine Colley-Mikely: “Let it not be another auditor again. Let this story be different in Jesus’ Name.”

Stephen Johnson-Page II: “very scaring bro.”

Venus Pratt: “My thought and prayers will the family.”

Mark G. Tinna, for his part, is of the belief that a grownup such as the LRA missing staff cannot just go missing like a child or pet – “What is going on in this country? Tinna quipped, indicating, “How can a young and intelligent man like Sayon Moore go missing for days and his numbers are switched off? I hope this isn’t and wouldn’t be another “St. “Moses missing boys story” nor an addendum to the LRA mysterious death saga. We demand in-depth search and a comprehensive investigation on the whereabouts of comrade Saryon Moore!”

Sam Yarkpazuo, Jr. wrote: “This is like a bad dream brother.”

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