….. Says the women of Liberia are dear to her heart


By: Leila B. Gbati

First Lady Clar Marie Weah has donated 30 seated bus to the Ministry of Transport to be used by women in order to enable them to get to and from work.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony of the bus on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at the Ministry of Transport on Lynch Street, First Lady Clar Weah said the donation is in fulfillment of her promise to the women during some interaction months ago and also in memory of the late Nuwoe A. Digler Scott, former Assistant Minister of Administration and Insurance at the Ministry of Transport.


She noted that the women of Liberia are valuable and champion the development of the nation through their unwavering support.

The First Lady further maintained that the hardworking Liberian women are serving Liberia with dignity and integrity, as such, she is pleased to identify with them always, especially with the women at the Ministry of Transport.

“I am grateful indeed for your contributions, as you all know your President and I envision a new Liberia where must be kept for the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of our people to remain alive”, she said.

Moreover, she narrated that months ago through her flagship initiative, ‘SHE’S YOU MOVEMENT’, she embarked on a series of conversations with Liberian women across the country when she met with the women of Transport for the first time and she listened to them, learned and heard about their challenges.

It was also made known by the First Lady that in conversation with the women, they appealed for a bus that will enable them to get to and from work and that will also ease their financial burden.

“In fulfillment of your request and my promise to you in memory of the late Nuwoe A. Digler Scott, I present to you this 30-seated bus to serve in the process. Am grateful to all of you and your President for this encouragement”.

She continued, “I promised you that I will return. I am a woman of my word and that is the reason for my presence here today and my mission will not be completed if I fail to acknowledge the fact that there is a special spirit presence that surrounds us all. The women of Liberia are dear to my heart not because I am a woman”.

At the same time,, she alluded that the spirit of the late Assistant Minister for Administration and Insurance at the Ministry of Transport and Former Vice President of Coalition of Political Women in Liberia (COPWILL), Nuwoe A. Digler Scott who was a public servant par excellence and dedicated to her nation and the Pro-Poor Agenda is dear to her heart because when she first came to Liberia Nuwoe and other women came to her house and greeted her and make her feel that she belong in Liberia and will do everything in their power to make sure she settles well in Liberia.

First Lady Weah, in conclusion, told the women that she hopes and pray that her presence at the Ministry of Transport and donation of the bus will not be the end of their relationship.

For their part, the women of Transport Ministry thanked the First Lady for the kind gesture, emphasizing that fulfilling her pledge to them, solidifies their belief that she is truly a mother of the nation.

The women also presented a bouquet of flowers to Madam Weah as appreciation for the bus and most importantly alleviating their struggles to get to and from work.

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