……Rep. Richard N. Koon Suggests

By: Jerromie S. Walters

Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia: Montserrado County District #11 Representative Richard Nagbe Koon, has written the plenary of the Honorable House of Representative, pleading for the suspension of the delineation exercise that should be conducted by National Election Commissions ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections, on grounds that it’s belated.

In his communication read during the 1st day sitting, first quarter, and the 6th session of the House of Representative Koon justified that Liberians are 9 months to

elections and in order to afford all citizens, the opportunity to participate in

the upcoming electoral process, either by contesting or voting for candidates of their choice, he advised that NEC maintain the existing electoral demarcations.

He alluded that if Lawmakers are not careful, constituents will find themselves in a strange district with no knowledge of any candidate on their ballot paper.

Furthermore, the Montserrado county District#11 Lawmaker urged his colleagues to note that decisions made while conducting the delineation, must be informed by census data.

Representative Koon also noted that they are yet to receive results from the 2022 National Housing and Population Census.

“If we are to wait for Voter’s registration data that might start around March

20, 2023, we will be 6 months to elections after the collections of election data.

With said communication, he believes that it will mitigate the problem of people being denied the right of contesting in a particular district after delineation is done.

He begged the indulgence of the House’s Leadership, to be credible in its decision, and be objectives

in inviting the requisite Government agency for clarity surrounding his


However, Lofa County District #1 Representative Francis K. Nyumalin suggested the need for the country to make use of the census data, to conduct the 2023 general and Presidential election.

He believes it is just and constitutional, that the august body confine in said proceeding, and then take further decisions on the census process, after the election.

Moreover, Bomi county Representative Hajah Fanta Sayon urged the need for the National Elections Commission (NEC) to use the existing materials for the 2023 elections, as she believes the census results can’t be used future elections.

Legislators up Capitol Hill recommended the need for the body to invite the Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-Information Services LISGIS, to provide update on the status of the census result, before making further decision (S).

Following Representative Koon’s communication, the House of Representatives has instructed its Elections and Inauguration, Good Governance and Judiciary Committees to review the activities of the National Elections Commission-NEC ahead of the ensuing legislative and Presidential elections.

Howbeit, the committees are expected to review the instrument and report within a period of two weeks

The National Elections Commission (NEC) is expected to conduct the delineation exercise as we move to elections in less than 9 months.

Demarcation is the marking of the limits or boundaries of something: the act, process, or result of demarcating something.

It is also known as the demarcation of property lines.: something that marks or constitutes a boundary, a demarcation line. : a marked or perceived distinction between one area, category, etc., and another.

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