Amid COVID-19 onslaught

A health preparing to give care to COVID-19 patient

MONROVIA – In the wake of daily increase in Liberia’s confirmed cases of COVID-19, the Government of Liberia has placed a ban on funerals being held outside of mortuaries.

The Government through the National COVID-19 Incident Management System, on Tuesday announced an Addendum to the existing National Covid-19 Protocols, indicating that same shall remained enforced until otherwise ordered.

The addendum which addresses the issue of guidance for both Liberian citizens and non-citizens alike is intended to provide guidance during what the National COVID-19 Incident Management System refers to as crisis.

According to the addendum signed by Liberia’s Minister of Health and Chair of the National COVID-19 Incident Management System, Dr. Wilhemina S. Jallah, all funerals of the remains of deceased persons, who died of COVID-19 related deaths or not, are to be held only at funeral parlors.

The addendum indicates that said protocol will remain enforced until otherwise ordered, while still observing the protocol that permits just 20 people at gatherings.

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