• extends congratulations to the people for a peaceful election.

The International Community, in a joint statement issued in Monrovia, has congratulated the people of Lofa and the Government of Liberia on the mainly peaceful, free, fair, and transparent conduct of the Lofa By-election, held on June 28, 2022, stating, “The people of Lofa have once more shown their unrelenting commitment to democracy. We welcome reports that the election proceeded largely smoothly, without major incidents. “

The International Community in Liberia commends the National Elections Commission for a generally well-administered process, despite challenges. The statement urges the government of Liberia and the elections commission to seize the current momentum to make progress on the preparations for peaceful, inclusive, and credible general elections as scheduled in October 2023, which is crucial for consolidating peace.

They called upon political stakeholders to refrain from using intemperate language and underscored the need to ensure accountability for any violations of the rule of law that might otherwise occur. In the statement, it said, “We continue to stress that any election dispute should be settled peacefully through legal channels.”

The statement also urges the Liberian government and other political players to listen to the Liberian people, especially the women who make up half of the population, and to take steps that will ensure and make it easier for more gender equality, such as more women voting and being represented in the legislature.

“The International Community in Liberia reaffirms its continued commitment in support of Liberia’s efforts to achieve sustainable peace, reconciliation, and development,” it concluded.

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