..Juli Endee asserts

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson I

The chairperson of the Inaugural sub-committee on culture, Liberia Culture Ambassador Queen Juli Endee has asserted that Liberians did not mistake in protecting and defending the peace and security over twenty years of uninterrupted peace that the country enjoys. She believes that Liberia has demonstrated to the world that its young democracy is moving forward.

Speaking in an interview with journalists, on Thursday, January 4, 2024, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs following a climax of a meeting with the Presidential Joint Transitional Team, Amb. Endee said that she is grateful that Liberians are enjoying a peaceful transition, saying that peace is not what you wish for rather peace is what you are, say, and do.

“I am grateful that Liberians are enjoying a peaceful transition.

Like I always say, peace is not what you wish for rather peace is what you are, say and do.”

According to her, with this transitional period that Liberia is going through to usher in another democratically elected president, it’s something to know that the young democracy of Liberia is moving forward.

‘’Together we are stronger and will Liberia forward. People will be amazed when they come to Liberia. Also, they will see the wonders and know that the information that people send out there is not true. This transition is peaceful. The uninterrupted peace that Liberia has enjoyed for twenty years has shown us that we did not make any mistake and Liberia will always be Liberia’’ she noted.

The Liberian Cultural Ambassador believes that Liberia’s democratic process is being respected and guided by international principles, urging Liberians to come together and ensure that peace is maintained.

‘’As a member of the Transitional Committee on Culture and Entertainment, I see a good working relationship. They are doing a good job in terms of collaborating and they are moving forward. We have planned the activities, and we will be implementing it shortly. The culture and entertainment aspect is taking the central stage,’’ she concluded.