The President of the Liberia Scrap Dealers Association (LSDA), Mr.  Ayouba Kamara has characterized the statement made against him by a group under the banner of the Liberia Scrap Buyers Association (LSBA)  as baseless and mere malice intended to undermine the progress of LSDA and witch hunt his integrity built over the years. 

The leadership of   LSBA accused the LSDA  president of involving in corruption and misuse of power.

However, speaking with a team of Journalists at his office on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, Mr. Ayouba Kamara challenged his opposing group and members of the public to conduct a facts check on the accusations leveled against him by this foreign group.

He characterized the group as less busy people with no focus who intend to see them retrogressing, while the LSDA is moving to another level.

“For  me,  I will not give those people who called themselves LSBA    credence,  because they are not part of  LSDA. They have their president with their by-laws and constitution governing them as an independent body, so if you have an independent structure, how will you question the leadership of different institution?” LSDA president explained.

He urged the group to focus on managing their day-to-day affairs, running an organized institution, and desist from wrongful blackmailing.

“The stakeholders and the leadership of the LSDA hold me in the highest esteem,  the LSDA constitution says when the  President violates the constitution,  the executive committee will summon him to investigate and if found guilty he will be removed and the vice will take over,  so why listen to people with less or no knowledge about LSDA ,” Mr. Ayouba Kamara asserted.

Contrary,  he disclosed that  the office has never summoned him since his ascendency as the president of LSDA.

Naming some of the processes made under his watch,  Kamarabrags that he is the only one to have formulated a well-structured office and has decentralized the  LSDA official function across the country.

He concluded that among several other achievements, he lobbied for two vehicles and ten motorcycles. “I am using one of the vehicles,  one is used for the operation while one of the motorbikes was sent to Grand-Bassa,  one to  Sinoe, one to Nimba, one  to CapeMount, one to the Deputy Coordinator of LSDA, and the rest were given to the task Force for official Operation”. Ayouba made it clear.

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