By Vaye A. Lepolu

The Student Unification Party Welcomes the Appointment of Astute Lawyer Cllr. Johnathan Massaquoi as Executive Director of the Office of War and Economic Crimes Court, Implore Civil Society and Human Rights Groups to Rally Support in the Fight for Justice for War and Economic Crimes Victims

The chairman of SUP Kwien W Kwien, II  stated that with the spiritual dignity of their forebearers and the philosophical gallantry of their noble institution, the citizens can remain reliably faithful to SUP as a fearless voice against national or public moral turpitude and decadence that keeps the people vulnerable to poverty, misery, destitution, and indignity.

According to him, On May 2, 2024, President Boakai issued Executive Order 131 establishing the office of War and economic crimes with the sole responsibility of pursuing and prosecuting reactionary elements who have been identified as having committed in Liberia acts amounting and constituting to war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

The Student Unification Party Chairperson said the decision comes amidst many years of consistent struggles by the militants and cadres of the Students Unification Party and other rights groups in Liberia who have since demanded the prosecution of all those evil and devilish bandits believed to bear greater responsibility for the civil and economic atrocities committed in Liberia. 

However, said, SUP being one of the most powerful voices in the fight for war and economic crimes court and one of those institutions that have held the highest number of rallies to both local and international institutions demanding the court’s establishment, officially welcomes Cllr Johnthan Massaquoiappointment to the office of executive director for war and economic crimes court. 

He added that having fully researched and vetted the credentials of Cllr Massaquoi, the vanguard party has concluded that this astute, disciplined, and renowned massescratic lawyer meets the fullest standards and has both the moral and legal requirements to serve this body. Cllr. Massaquoi has a long history in criminal and human rights laws, legal ethics, and investigation all of which place him as a perfect pick to deliver on this task accordantly.

Kwien W Kwien, II  stated SUP believes that Cllr Massaquo’slongstanding records of legal investigation, honesty, and integrity aren’t only enforcing qualities but also placing him in the position to fully discharge the duties of the office of war crimes court.

He said, as part of the Executive Director’s responsibilities, Cllr Massaquo has been charged with the duties to rally support, gain the needed international attraction, and create a full role map on which the war and economic crimes court will be established. Meanwhile, he said SUP sees these tasks as cumbersome and challenging as Cllr Massaquoi now carries the hopes and aspirations of all victims of war and economic crimes in Liberia.

He stresses that the Student Unification Party (SUP) cautions Cllr Massaquoi to serve with diligence, professionalism, and impartiality as this responsibility will mark a major milestone in the effort to dispense justice for victims of war and economic crimes of which are the abandoned and dejected masses of our people.

 Kwien W Kwien, II    mentioned from the pronouncement of the Executive Director of War and Economic Crimes court, that human rights violators and war crimes perpetrators are unsettled and imploring dubious means to cause panic, chaos, and confusion amongst war crimes court advocates and human rights actors.

He said It is prudent to build a more resilient and commanding front that contains the energy and enthusiasm of patriots to face these reactionary forces that are planning to dismantle our people’s hope for justice. In this regard, SUP uses this medium to call upon all human rights advocates, the coalition of civil society groups,  youth and student groups, and all war and economic crimes court advocates to rally hands and stand in a gallant but very progressive voice with the Executive Director for the office of war crimes to ensure that this court is fully established and serve its rightful purpose. 

SUP chairperson said It is obvious that many of those who perpetrated atrocities during the war are still powerful in Liberia and have significant resources to challenge efforts that are concentrated on bringing them to book. However, as human rights defenders, we must so on realize that by playing to their tone, we risk the legitimacy to stand with our people and this apparent fallout will be a victory for warlords and their handlers.

He added that they are calling on every Liberian who still believes that justice is possible, to stand up now and start massive awareness in their local communities on the need for a war crimes court and the significant relief this court will bring to many Liberians.

According to him, many of us are aware, that the war took away over 200thousand of our compatriots who were killed senselessly by devilish warlords who were stupidly motivated by naked opportunistic desperation, they should never allow the blood of these men and women spilled in vein.

The Party said Justice must be served!! Now is the time for progressive compatriots to stand up and ensure that this court is made possible for the compelling dispense of justice crimes on the memories of our falling national heroes and heroes. 

The Vanguard Party mandates all militants, cadres, and student leaders in Liberia to join ranks and begin immediate sensitization on the efforts of ensuring war and economic crimes court in Liberia.

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