Lifeless Body of a female killed over love affairs

BONG – A 39-year-old man identified as Dolo Kollie, has allegedly chopped up his wife to death in Bong County electoral district #2, Womenvoices newspaper has been reliably informed. 

Kollie, who allegedly used a cutlass to commit the homicide and the deceased for over 30 years, have been together in a love relationship that has produced nine children.

According to family sources, the 39-year-old and the victim have been in a prolong misunderstanding that most times resorted to numerous fistfights.

Our sources divulged that prior to the victim’s demise, due to the continuous quarrel between the pair, family members advised them to end the problematic relationship, as a way of averting an unforeseen circumstance, but according to the family sources, their advice for the couple to separate fell on deaf ears until the lady’s untimely death last Wednesday.

Kollie allegedly killed his wife after he suspected the victim of engaging into extramarital affairs, Womenvoices newspaper has been told.

The 39-year-old, according to sources, fled to an unknown destination after he allegedly murdered the mother of nine.

Meanwhile, police in Bong County have launched a manhunt for Kollie, who is believed to have fled to Grand Bassa County, due to the close proximity of where he allegedly killed his wife with Bassa County.

According to police statistics, the death of the mother of nine, whose name has not been disclosed, brings to 16, the total number of women that have been gruesomely murdered in Bong County in recent times, on suspicion of cheating and engaging in extra marital affairs.

Washington Watson writes

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