By Rancy Clarke 

A 17 years old teen of Gbarnga, Joe Mulbah, has launched an SOS to the county authority and philanthropic organizations to help him seek advanced medication abroad.

Little Mulbah is suffering from spondylolisthesis, a condition that occurs when the bone slides out of its proper position.

Speaking in an interview with Women Voices on Monday November 27,2023, he said he was diagnosed of the condition about five years ago but the lack of finance has been an obstacle to seeking treatment.

According to him, doctors said the disorder requires surgery but such operation cannot be done in Liberia.

The ailing teenager has expressed fear that the disorder might render him disabled, if he does not undergo surgery to correct the condition.

Little Joe no longer walks as a result of the displacement of his vertebrae.

In a sad tune, he told our correspondent that he feels severe pain in his back as the displaced bones press on his spinal nerves. 

Meanwhile, Martha Mulbah, the mother of the 17 years teen said her earnings are meager to underwrite the cost of her son’s surgery.

She is appealing for assistance to take her son abroad for advanced medication.