By Vaye A. Lepolu

The European Union in Liberia has donated modern Telescopes to female students of the A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine.

As revealed by kiril Navolou, the donation was intended for young female graduating doctors who are pursuing their goals.

According to him, 16 female Medical Doctors Will Be The Beneficiaries Of The Medical telescopes, eight individuals will be the first beneficiaries of the medical items donation and the remaining beneficiaries will be in the future.

Navolou said his brother was a medical doctor, he knows the difficulties and challenges faced by young medical doctor students through the physical, mental, and social in studying medicine.

According to him, the difficulties and challenges medical doctor students face give him the impression to help people and his brother told him to practice the field of medical doctor is to have the courage.

However, he said his medical telescope to young medical doctor graduates is not a political donation, the public should not see it differently and conclude.

Meanwhile, kiril Navolu said the European Union has been built on the foundation of respecting human rights, health, and life. 

He claims the European Union is here to give new hope to Liberia most especially to the youth and native doctors across Liberia, he said years back women’s right was not respected and the wish of the European Union is to empower women across the Country as to help others in the country. 

Speaking at the fifty (50) European Union anniversary, Navolou said the opportunity was given to him to go across Liberia to see some difficulties and challenges native doctors face in various hospitals and clinics. 

According to kiril Navolou, his first traveling was in Lofa, where he saw a lady with a poor health condition tell him that caring for people is important.

At the same time, European Union ambassador Nona Deprez said, the fifty (50)  anniversary event is to show solidarity between Liberia and Europe.

According to the ambassador, the European Union is involved in medical items donation at the present moment, but rather involved in capacity building.

She said donations made today by Kiril Navolou are private initiatives, not the European Union.

However, A.M. Dogliotti medical female graduating appreciated the European Union’s delicate Kiril Navolou for the Eighth (8) medical telescope given.

According to the young female doctor, the medical telescope will help to keep their focus on pursuing their dream as a medical doctor.

Meanwhile, those beneficiaries of the medical telescopes include Alexis Belle Clara Dunbar, Jennifer A. Harris, Nyamah B. Ballah, Bomelia B. Bombo, Jokna p. Doweh, Benoita f. Benoit and Williette R. Boykai.