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The construction work on a modern rice processing factory in Gbartala, Bong County, valued at over seventy-five thousand United States dollars (US $75,000) by the American-based international humanitarian group, Friends of Liberia-Food and Water Project, is expected to be completed and dedicated within four months. Friends of Liberia, formerly known as “Gospel Train International” or GTI, has also constructed and dedicated 39 modern wells with hand pumps, valued at more than seventy thousand United States dollars since 2021 and up to present in Margibi, Bong, Nimba, Lofa, and Gbarpolu counties. Under this period, and still serving as GTI, now with the new name, Friends of Liberia-Food and Water Project also distributed thousands of seeds of rice and farming equipment to mainly hundreds of farmers in the above-named counties.

Mr. George Wissing, Vice President of Friends of Liberia-Food and Water Project, said in a phone interview from America on Thursday that once completed and dedicated, the Rice Processing Factory will serve the needs of more than 100,000 less fortunate and destitute Liberians primarily in the Central and Western Regions of Liberia. Mr. George Wissing, dubbed “Mr. Clean Water” by Liberians, thanks his wife, Mrs. Wissing, and others for their financial contributions to the establishment of Liberia’s rice plant.

“Mr. Clean Water” said when dedicating the rice processing factory in central Liberia that it will employ many Liberians and that hundreds of farmers in the region will also benefit by carrying their rice for processing. “It is my prayer that the proceeds received by the farmers from the sale of their rice will help to improve their lives and lift them out of abject poverty,” Mr. George said.

The Vice President for Friends of Liberia-Food and Water Project said authorities of Friends of Liberia were currently studying the many requests coming out of Southeastern Liberia, Sinoe, Grand Kru, River Gee, Grand Gedeh, and Maryland and said plans were underway for the project to be extended into Southeastern Liberia.

“The more monies we acquire from generous friends and contributors, the more Liberians would benefit from the project,” the Vice President of Friends of Liberia-Food and Water Project is cited as saying. Mr. Clean Water stated that Friends of Liberia-Food and Water is working on serious plans to build and dedicate 50 modern wells with hand pumps throughout Liberia each year. Mr. George, speaking on behalf of one of the chief financiers, his wife, Mrs. George, said they were pleased to be associated with the Methodist Reverend Oliver Adams of Liberia, the Chief Executive Officer of Gospel Train International, now Friends of Liberia-Food and Water Project, after four years of interactions, because of his commitment, dedication, and vision to help thousands of less fortunate and vulnerable people.

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