……Government assures women of Liberia

By: G. Bennie Bravo Johnson

On behalf of the Liberian government, the minister of information, Minister Julius Legerhood Rennie, called on Liberian women to hold on to their peace, stating that the government, through its relevant authorities, will ensure that justice is served to all crime victims.

 Speaking Thursday, March 2, 2023, at the ministry of information’s regular press briefing, minister Rennie urged Liberian women to cooperate with the justice system to ensure that there is a redress to their petitions.

 The women of Liberia gathered on Thursday, March 2, to petition the national legislature for a comprehensive investigative report on the many secret killings across the country.

 Meanwhile, Minister Rennie registered the government’s concern in the investigation of the cases, stating that the government wanted to know what was happening to put an end to the secret killings and attacks on peaceful citizens.

 “The government of Liberia is concerned about the investigation. and the government sympathizes with the bereaved families of all those concerned.”

On Wednesday night, February 22, 2023, tragedy struck the home of Liberia’s former Chief Justice, Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, after men believed to be armed robbers, invaded her home, brutally killed her daughter, and wounded another victim.

The gruesome attack on the former chief justice was the third in a series of alleged armed robbery attacks at the former chief justice’s residence in Brewerville, Montserrado County.

 Cllr. Scott is said to have repeatedly complained about her home being invaded by suspects believed to be armed robbers. Still, there was no sign that the authorities here took preventive measures to deter this tragedy.

 Following said the attack, the Liberia National Police began an investigation but has yet to find any suspect in connection to the crime committed.

Something prompted the mass gathering of women on the grounds of the national legislature.

Meanwhile, Minister Rennie called on the former chief justice to assist the police by providing information about the robbery accident at her home.

 “We urged the former chief justice to please avail herself to the police and provide the needed information about the robbery, and we want women to hold on and let’s get the outcome of the investigation.”

 The minister concluded by assuring the women that the investigation will be properly concluded by ensuring that all those involved are brought to justice and made to face the full weight of the law.

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