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Wednesday, December 28, 2022, Monrovia, Liberia: Arguably, the Weah-Taylor administration still seems to be more vigilant in its steps to breed an advanced, equipped, standardized, and affordable educational system in Liberia.

As it has been proven over the last five years, immense efforts have been made, and it appears that a lot more should be expected in the coming years, as more promises and hope continue to be guaranteed by the “Change for Hope” government.

Howbeit, there could be no more astonishing news to hear than being alerted of a glittering billion-dollar project that is expected to be launched in 2023 by the government and its partners to support the educational sector.

Appearing on the Spoon Talk Show earlier this week, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor disclosed the government’s plan to launch a billion-dollar project aimed at boosting education across Liberia.

“There is a serious intentional decision by the government, and our development partners remain supportive of this process.” “Next year we are looking at holding a program where we, along with our partners, will be launching a billion-dollar project to support education,” she said.

Moreover, the Vice President hailed the government for its efforts toward improving the sector by encouraging enrollment of students and removing some of the burden from parents and students with respect to paying the WASSCE fees across the board for 12 graders, be it in public or private institutions, as well as the reduction of registration fees to the barest minimum for other strata of the grade school system, making them affordable for parents and students throughout public schools.

She said there have been other cardinal investments in the sector through the provision of learning materials and equipment, among others, in seven counties; she noted a planned donor meeting to source a whopping $1bn to be ploughed into education early next year, which is being spearheaded by the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

“The government has been investing a lot in the education sector because this is a major priority to develop the human capital of the country, especially the young people.” We are taking up the burden, and with time, the story will completely change. “Right now, in seven counties, as I went around the country, I have seen that schools are being provided the necessary support that they need to enhance the learning process, and they are happy,” she added.

VP Taylor cleared the air about her relationship with the President, maintaining that they both are working jointly as required by their respective duties.

“The relationship with the president is okay.” We are working together. We are making the impact that we should, and I am grateful to be the first female vice president of the Republic of Liberia.

She continues, “If you look at relationships, there are always ups and downs, but our interest remains the same or looks similar; that is not about my personal interest or the President’s personal interest, but whatever we can do for Liberia, and I think that is the relationship I want to talk about.”

“We are strong; we are working, and I am just grateful to have such an opportunity.” I have not said this before on the international scene, but if I didn’t believe in him, I would not have given up my destiny to support him, which I have done. “I am his deputy, and my job is to assist him, and that is what I have been trying to do to the best of my ability,” she stated.

Commenting on the government’s infrastructure efforts, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor believes the government has done excellent work, specifically mentioning the Robertsport-Medina Highway, which is expected to boost economic activities and tourism along that corridor; the Ganta-Zwedru Highway; and the Lofa Road, which recently received additional funding from the Qatari government.

Though efforts are being made, she admonished that there are challenges, especially with the ELWA-RIA Highway, which has raised skepticism in the public, but assured that the job will be done accordingly.

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