By G Bennie Bravo Johnson I 

Liberia has emerged as one of the grand winners in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) youth engaged in Cybersecurity threat competition held in Lome, Togo. 

The ECOWAS Youth Engaged in Cybersecurity Competition serves as a platform to encourage and motivate the younger generation to pursue careers in this critical field. It emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital age, with an eye towards securing our digital future.

Recently, Four brilliant Liberian Information Technology specialists (ICT) headed by “cyber Don” Victor K. Jarlwood, Jr over the weekend departed Liberia for Lome, Togo to participate and represent Liberia in the grand final of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) youth engaged cyber threat competition. 

The group which is represented  Liberia under the banner” Cyber Warrior” leave the country late Friday evening through the Roberts International Airport to participate in the practical grand final of the ECOWAS. 

The ECOWAS Cybersecurity (CTF) competition is took place Monday October 16-18 2023 in Lome, Togo and all eyes with all eyes on Liberia’s talented Cyber team “Liberia Cyber Warriors”.

The competition brings together all the young, talented CyberSecurity champions from all Ecowas member states to compete for the grand price of being the best in ECOWAS youth ranking.

Liberia Cyber Warrior Team headed by young ICT specialist Victor Jarlwoods help secure victory and further solidify Liberia reputation as cybersecurity frontrunners within the ECOWAS community.

Speaking in an exclusive Interview with this paper, Wednesday, October 18, 2023 via WHATSAPP, the group leader, Victor K.  Jarlwood, Sr described the process as very toughy and intensive but above all comparative.

“We are thrilled to share exciting news about Liberia’s outstanding team Liberia ” Cyber Warriors” performance in the recent ECOWAS Youth Cybersecurity Competition. Liberia Cyber Warriors has emerged as one of the many winners in this prestigious event, showcasing the country’s growing prowess in the field of cybersecurity” he stated. 

According to Jarlwoods said that in a display of talent and dedication, young cybersecurity enthusiasts from Liberia competed alongside their counterparts from across the ECOWAS region. 

He indicated that the competition brought together the brightest minds in the field, challenging them with complex scenarios and real-world challenges to test their cybersecurity skills.

” We demonstrated exceptional technical proficiency and innovative problem-solving abilities, solidifying our place among the winners of the competition. Our outstanding performance not only reflects the commitment of us, the young talents but also highlights the investment and support provided by local institutions and the government in nurturing and empowering the cybersecurity community” he noted. 

Mr. Jarlwoods asserted that they are proud and excited of Liberia’s accomplishment in this competition, saying that it’s a testament to the country’s commitment to building a robust and skilled cybersecurity workforce. 

He added that as technology continues to evolve and play an increasingly significant role in our lives, the cybersecurity community in Liberia is well-positioned to tackle the challenges of the digital world.

” This achievement is a moment of pride for Liberia and underscores the potential of its youth in shaping a secure digital environment. We look forward to seeing these talented individuals continue to contribute to the cybersecurity landscape and wish them success in their future endeavors” he concluded.

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