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Madam MacDella Cooper, Presidential Aspirant of Liberia

As we celebrate women’s achievements this month, we are pleased to announce that MacDella Cooper of Liberia has topped the list of African women who are making an effect on the world. 

MacDella Cooper’s prominent role in reshaping Liberia via philanthropy has earned her a coveted spot on the list of exceptional African women to watch in 2023, which was recently released by African Women. 

Her honor demonstrates that MacDella Cooper is a leader for the people whose efforts merit acknowledgment; a leader who is already doing what is necessary to educate Liberians and create possibilities for them to obtain well-paying jobs and sufficient healthcare. 

In addition to her work as a philanthropist and founder of the MacDella Cooper Foundation, she is also the founder of the Movement for One Liberia Party (MOL), which allows women, youth, and people with disabilities to run for public office. 

The message conveyed by MacDella Cooper is unambiguous: she is here to stand with Liberians and lead the transition toward economic fairness, proper health care, educational development, governmental integrity, and increased access to technology and innovation. Any cause is deserving of the support of every Liberian. 

Learn more about MacDella Cooper’s status as one of Africa’s top 100 women, as featured in African Women, by reading the following text. 

She is a Liberian philanthropist and the creator of the MacDella Cooper Foundation, which aims to improve the lives of children and women in Liberia. She was a candidate for president in the 2017 election. 

Cooper, a graduate of communications, began her professional career as a model and fashion planner in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. 

Cooper has posed for Ralph Lauren and Jones Apparel and has frequently appeared in publications such as Glamor and Marie Claire. 

In 2003, she founded the MacDella Cooper Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting disadvantaged Liberian children and women. 

The MacDella Cooper Foundation opened the first school in Liberia to provide free tuition and room and board in December 2010.

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