Mayor Koijee of Monrovia

In preparation of the bicentennial anniversary, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee has appointed the GSA Director and Former Monrovia City Mayoress, Madam Mary Broh, as chair and five other women including Ambassador Juli Endee, as co-chair of the Citizen’s Engagement Board (CEB).

According to Mayor Koijee, the setting up of the Citizen Engagement Board is done in consultation with the Monrovia City Council.

The young Monrovia City Mayor on Thursday October 20, 2021 posted on his Official Facebook Page that the ‘CEB’ is a group of citizens committed to working with the City Government of Monrovia to jumpstart the preparation for the upcoming bicentennial anniversary. Mayor Koijee said the board will as well advise on the roadmap for the Urban Renewal Initiatives”. The twelve board members comprised of five women including Madam Mary Broh as Chairperson; Ambassador Juli Endee, co-chair, Ms. Daintowon Domah Pay- Bayee, member, Mrs. Helen Nah Sammie member and Madam Setta F. Saah, Member. Other members of the board are Mr. Thomas Doe Nah, Member; Mr. Aaron Kollie, Member; Rev. Rudolph Marsh, Member; Rev. Christian Toe, Member; Mr. James M. Strother, Member; Imam Ali Krayee, Member; Mr. Amos Williams, Member; Mr. Mohammed Ghadi Kamara, Member; Mr. Eddie Jarwolo, Member and Mr. Franco B. Grimes, Chief of Office Staff / Office of the Mayor serves as technical secretary.

Mayor Koijee disclosed that the “Citizens’ Engagement Board” will run from November 1, 2021 to January 7,2022.

The year 2022 marks 200 years (bicentennial) of a movement that led to the repatriation of freed slaves from the United States of America to the shores of West Africa now called Liberia.

Liberia is expected to have thousands of people returned to a nation that championed the return of freed slaves to Africa.

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