NCSCL Chairperson Madam Loretta Alethea Pope-Kai 

The National Civil Society Council of Liberia (NCSCL) says it is completely appalled by the continuous discoveries of weapons and ammunition of war in Monrovia in recent weeks.

These discoveries, according to the Council in a press release signed by its Chairperson Madam Loretta Alethea Pope-Kai, do not only terrify ordinary citizens whose security and safety are left to the mercy of God, but provide clues of a sinister motive by some nefarious elements of the Liberian society to destabilize the country.

The Council noted that there are a plethora of factors that have the potential to raise serious security concerns, among which are widespread hunger and poverty, heightened insecurity leading to unexplained deaths occurring under suspicious circumstances, and a fragile political order.

NCSCL furthered that amidst these troubling situations, when weapons of war begin to emerge from nowhere in situations that are cloudy and hard to explain, then there is a cause for alarm.

“The National Civil Society Council of Liberia is therefore calling on the Liberia National Police to fast-track its investigations and provide answers to the public.” “When one imagines the ugly past of war and bloodletting and how people suffered the insufferable and endured the unendurable, the news of the discoveries of a huge cache of weapons of war is just terrifying enough to traumatize or re-victimize those who actually felt the pinch of the war years,” the Council points out.

“Since we cannot afford to slip an inch into the ugly past, the state now has the responsibility to aggressively but meticulously go after the importers of those deadly weapons, until their real motives are discovered and they are made to face the full weight of the law.”

It continues, “We do not expect that there will be any sacred cows or supreme ayatollahs during these investigations.” Therefore, we urge the Liberia National Police to treat this matter as a “first-hand national security threat.”

The Council added that those who want to jeopardize the peace and security of the state must be exposed, apprehended, and legally punished.

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