Naomi Washington, a 20-year-old resident of New Road Community in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, is asking for assistance from the public to pay for her medical treatment after receiving a belly cancer diagnosis as a result of a C-section. Her life is at an unbearable point.

Naomi Washington’s unnaturally large tummy has caused her excruciating suffering for more than a year. The cost of the second surgery is estimated to be roughly $5,000 USD.

In a weekend chat with our reporter, Naomi said that she underwent surgery in June 2020 in Monrovia after giving birth to twins. Sadly, this has caused her stomach to leak yellowish water nonstop every month.

She underwent surgery to give birth to her twin, but as a result of the C-section on June 6, 2022, she was given a life-threatening diagnosis of belly cancer.

Because of the unfortunate outcome of the procedure, medical professionals at the Liberian Government Hospital in the county of Bomi advised Naomi on what to do re-surgery at a hospital with cutting-edge medical care.

Naomi’s situation is still quite terrible, despite the fact that the kids are still alive, and physicians have advised that another surgery be performed as soon as possible to prevent further catastrophe.

She said that when visiting various hospitals in and outside of Bomi County, medical staff had constantly urged her to undergo a re-operation, which she claimed would be very expensive for her because she couldn’t now pay the cost.

Given the expense of the second surgery, Naomi has now been unable to finish the procedure because of her limitations.

The spouse of Naomi and her family have no other method to obtain the funds they require for the re-operation because they reside in rural Liberia, where the majority of people earn their living via farming and other agricultural activity. Their primary source of income is farming.

She can be reached through Mohammed Sheriff at 0770640049 if you want to help.

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