BY: Shallon S. Gonlor

NIMBA COUNTY — A five-month-old baby currently admitted at the G.W. Harley Hospital in Sanniquellie, Nimba County is battling a severe sickness ‘Hernias’ — a defect or weakness of the abdominal wall where tissue typically intestines or fat can project through and cause a bulge. 

Hernias tend to be more common in adults, but they can also affect children and babies. Inguinal (groin) and umbilical (belly button) hernias are the most common types in children and babies.

Rita Lougon, a poor mother of an ailing baby is crying for help to save her baby’s life, seeking financial help from humanitarians, organizations, and well-meaning Liberians to provide adequate treatment for her baby.

The concerned mother added that her baby was taken to the hospital where a doctor diagnosed him with Hernias.

“My baby is five months right now and after he was born I had to bring him back to the hospital because he was crying a lot and even when I would try to make him comfortable, he would still be screaming,” she told Women Voices Newsman.

 She is now on a drive to raise funds for surgery and more tests since the local hospital has assured available resources and equipment to conduct the required procedures to conduct surgery on the five-month-old baby.

Rita explained that she is scared of losing her five-month-old baby, rallying financial support of about $15,000LD for the cost of the entire surgery.

The distressed mother averred that she is scared having spoken to the doctor and he told her to avoid stressing about it, but noted that she is very scared and seeking financial help.

The poor mother of an ailing baby stated further that if anyone in the public feels moved to donate to her cause they can do so promptly, adding that those interested in assisting can call directly at +231881471044.

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