By Olando Testimony Zeongar 

A little over a month after President George Weah out-rightly dismissed Bishop John Allen Klayee, as managing director of Liberia’s lone international airport, the Roberts International Airport (RIA), for administrative reasons, the Liberian leader has suspended the entity’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), George D. Yuoh, for the same reasons.

President Weah, it can be recalled, in early July, with immediate effect dismissed the Presiding Bishop Klayee of the Jubilee Praise and Worship Center, who was then serving as General Manger of the RIA.

Howbeit, two days later, the Executive Mansion hinted why President Weah actually dismissed his clergy friend Bishop Klayee.

The Executive Mansion inferred at the time that the President’s decision to have dismissed Bishop Klayee, is hinged on matters of accountability and transparency, as well as administrative ineptitude.

Deputy presidential press security Smith Toby made the disclosure ministers after it was announced that the Jubilee Pariase and Worship Center Bishop was sacked, when he (Toby) addressed reporters assigned at the Executive mansion, with Toby indicating that in line with authority vested in him (President Weah), as Head of State and Commander-In-Chief of the country, President Weah fired Bishop Klayee in the interest of good governance and in the interest of his leadership.

Toby noted that the Liberian leader’s decision to have sacked Bishop Klayee was indicative of what he called the fact that performance and accountability remain very cardinal under the administration of President Weah.

“The President, on this morning, as part of his authority vested as Head of State of the country and of course, as Commander-In-Chief of the country, has again taken some administrative decision in the interest of good governance and of course, in the interest of his leadership; owing to the fact that performance and of course accountability remain very key under this administration of President George Manneh Weah, and duty and working in the interest of the Liberian people also remain a very key priority of this administration,” Toby said.

Toby continued: “You are aware and so you’ve been reading on our social media platform and of course on the official home page of the Executive Mansion that the President has relieved from his post, as head of the airport, Bishop Klayee, and of course that decision according to the President is administrative…”

President Weah’s deputy press secretary added that Bishop Klayee’s dismissal signifies that President Weah is leaving no stone untouched, stating that by sacking the Bishop, it amplifies the Liberian president’s quest aimed at ensuring accountability and good performance in his administration.

“That signifies that the President is leaving no stone untouched in his drive for making sure that accountability, performance, and of course that people can account for their stewardship at their places of work,” Toby maintained, adding, “And that is to say the President will hold people accountable for administrative ineptitude.”

However, the Executive Mansion announced Thursday, that President Weah’s axe has again fallen at the RIA, this time, with a suspension action taken against George D. Yuoh, Chief Financial Officer of the RIA.

According to the Executive Mansion’s statement, Yuoh was suspended indefinitely on Thursday, August 12, 2021, for administrative reasons.

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