The Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor has received a Certificate of Honour for Integrity in Public Service at the 2021 Africa Advancement Forum held on August 20, 2021 in Accra, Ghana. The Forum indicated that Madam Vice President has distinguished herself for more than 20 years in public service as a woman of integrity and honesty.  The group asserted that the Vice President has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities for the Advancement of Africa and continues to create pathways for future generation. Serving as Keynote Speaker at the forum, the Liberia’s Vice President proffered that the Africa We Deserve is possible.  She called for Africans to muster the political will to see beyond the “I, ME, and MYSELF MENTALITY” and embrace the “MENTALITY OF US”. The Vice President argued that there is no better time than now to discuss the long sought AFRICAN DREAM, given the daunting challenges our continent faces amid the devastating effects of the COVID 19 global pandemic.  She lamented that the Africa is poised to have the world’s youthful population in the next few decades,  but the generation of young people remain disappointed and can no longer wait. Vice President Howard-Taylor intimated that the destinies of Africans are shared,  we must grasp the understanding that we RISE and FALL together. She called on Africa to unite and become the World’s last Economic Frontier Zone and utilize the remaining 40% of the World’s natural and human resources for industrialization and sustained economic growth and development. Madam Vice President concluded that the actualization of the Africa We Deserve will require the provision of equal opportunity and representation of women at all levels of society; and the provision of educational, innovation, skills and training for the youth of Africa. The Africa Advancement Forum is an annual event which features the brightest minds on the continent who have distinguished themselves in the areas of advocacy, governance, and various levels of leadership across the African continent.

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